What High School & College Graduates Need to Know about Insurance

Congratulations! Graduating high school or college is a significant milestone in your life. One that will bring on many new and exciting life changes involving work, money, living space and possessions (you know, your "stuff").

As you seek out new ventures, one thing you'll need is insurance. And one thing you'll want is good insurance, reasonably priced from a knowledgeable advisor as buying online will often get you into more trouble than you may think, unless you are an expert on insurance matters.  

There are three types of insurance you'll want to consider after college graduation:

  1. Car
  2. Renter's
  3. Health

Car Insurance

 In school, you were probably on your parent's car insurance policy. That's because their policy covered resident relatives - you, your siblings, perhaps even grandparents. However, when you move out and/or get title to a vehicle, you're no longer covered on their auto policy

You are not the named insured on your parents' policy, but this new vehicle belongs to you.  So, you must have your own coverage.

Another reality is that your car insurance needs are different than your parents. For example, they might be financially able to have a large deductible on their policy. But that might not be best for you right now.  And, their level of protection is likely much greater than what you'll purchase on your first car.  The high deductible and the high limits of protection make that policy unaffordable and impractical to you.

Now is the time to call Huggins Dreckman Insurance Agency, Inc., and DRIVE RIGHT Insurance Services.  Because we represent a wide variety of insurance companies, you'll have many options from which to choose and which will be more affordable - and more practical for you.

And, car insurers offer all kinds of discounts that reflect just who you are; you can bet we'll hunt every one of them down for you!

Options and Discounts:  Huggins Dreckman Insurance will present all of them to you.  We'll make sure you get the best auto policy coverage value for the least amount of money.

Renter's Insurance

Picture this:  You finally get your own place. You move out of the family home (not just for the school year - this time it's permanent). You can't believe how much stuff you've accumulated:

  • TV
  • Laptop or PC
  • Printer
  • DVD Player
  • IPod and other music players
  • Smart Phone
  • Game systems
  • Bedroom set and other furniture
  • Microwave and other kitchen appliances
  • Watch / Jewelry

You might not think they're worth much but they are—especially when you think of how much it would cost to replace them. A couple of friends help you move to your new  apartment. Great!

You're moved in, you've managed to save a couple of bucks and it's two weeks before you start work. So, you take a short trip with some friends to Vegas. You have a blast and return home on a Saturday night.  But when you get back to your apartment to get ready for the next day, you find that your apartment has been burglarized and your mouth goes ajar a you can't believe what you are seeing.   

Your place has been trashed. Everything you had is gone—your laptop, DVD player, game system. Everything.  And it's an amazing violation of your space, which is exactly what it feels like. That's a bad enough feeling, but as you start to settle down, you eventually come to realize that all of your things are gone and you have to replace them. 

Can you - can you replace your stuff?  Did you have renter's insurance?

Renters Insurance covers your belongings (clothing, books, CDs, furniture - everything) not only in your apartment but also in your locked car and anywhere else you take them. It protects your things against fire and other occurrences beyond your control - including vandalism and theft.

If you thought about it at all, you may have thought insurance was the responsibility of the landlord. But, it's not.  Whether the damage is caused by a break-in, vandalism, or simply water running down from upstairs into your apartment, the landlord's policy covers the building only.  YOU are on your own, and it's a renter's policy that will help pay for the replacement of all your personal items.

It will also pay for an attorney and protect you in case someone gets injured while in your apartment and/or you get sued if damage caused by you impacts neighboring apartments.  If you take out a friend's eye while playing basketball or football, and if you are responsible for the injury, the liability portion of your policy can pay for that, too.   

Huggins Dreckman Insurance will give you peace of mind about your belongings and your liability. We'll help you sort it all out. Like with car insurance, we're big on discounts, including multi-policy discounts for putting your renters and car insurance together with the same company.  We'll make sure you get them.

Health Insurance

Let's say before starting your job you decide to take a month and travel the U.S. You're in Philadelphia when you begin feeling a pain in the lower right side of your abdomen that will not go away with an Advil.

The pain gets worse. You finally get medical help. You discover you have appendicitis and need your appendix removed.

  • Wait a minute.  Do you even have health insurance?

Remember, as a full time student you can usually stay on your parent's health coverage until age 26.  But, that's if you are a dependent.  So, if you are on your own, check on what age you're no longer covered on their policy.

With the new health care bill passed earlier this year 2010, new federal regulation is that children can stay on their parents policy until age 26. However, once you are n your own, you're responsible for insuring your health.  And, being without health insurance makes you very vulnerable to needing insurance for medical that may not be there beyond the emergency room.

Discuss this important life decision with us. We can help you find the best health plan, with the best value for this time in your life. We can help you which, of the all of the different options in the ever changing world of health care, are best for you.

One Insurance Source

When you make the transition from high school or college to "real-life," everything changes.  You become responsible for protecting yourself and your family, when you start one. 

Insurance is difficult, and you need an expert on your side. Don't fool yourself and pretend you know insurance and can purchase it from a website that offers one size fits all protection.  Insurance is a complicated business. Plus, your needs can constantly change as your life changes.

The saddest words this agent ever hears are "I knew I should have done something." All you need to do is one simple thing... contact us.  Work with a group of people who specialize in protecting individuals, just like you.

Contact us at Huggins Dreckman Insurance, today. We'll do all the work for you. Call us today at 562-594-6541 and ask for Sharon (x19) or Ronda (x17).