Landlord Insurance

A National Program With Local Service!

While many in our industry are geared to quote simply price, often ignoring what it takes to correctly insure a rental property, at Huggins Dreckman Insurance we ask the right questions to ensure that your rental property's coverages are properly quoted and in place. The truth is that our clients want to be properly protected and to receive the benefit of our knowledge, so that they will know how to make the most advantageous insurance purchase to properly protect their investments.

We can provide that, as we have extensive experience and knowledge of Landlord Insurance and in being Landlords & property owners ourselves. Here are the basics what you need to know:

  • The basic Landlord Insurance package should provide protection - based upon the causes of loss for which you are insured - for your Structure's replacement, Rent-Ready Contents, Loss of Rental Income due to an insured claim (Fire, etc) that forces the tenants to leave the property during repairs, and Liability protection in the event you are sued because someone was injured on your property.
  • A coverage that you want and which is not often seen, for Landlord properties in most states, is the Extended Replacement Cost Endorsement, which provides up to 125% of the policy limitin the event your limit of insurance is inadequate to rebuilding the property following a total loss (our program provides this, except in North Carolina)
  • If your property is damaged enough that the local building authorities will require that the repairs include upgrades which are the result of the changes in Building Codes, you need special protection for that. Few companies will provide that on rental properties (our Safeco product does provide this).
  • Coverage for Homeowners' Association assessments, for the HOA being insufficiently insured and unable to pay a claim in its entirety, is an inexpensive coverage to have if you own a rental property that is governed by a HOA. Remember, the Homeowner's Association will look to the property owners to make up the difference in under-insured HOA claims.

Additional coverages to explore, which generally are not included under your standard policies, include:

  • Earthquake Damages
  • Flood Damages
  • If you have a lot of properties, you'll certainly want to consider Discrimination Protection insurance for defense and/or judgment costs. Or, get a qualified property management company.
  • Workers Compensation exposures: If you don't utilize the services of a property management company, you are likely personally exposed to this type of claim; this exposure can be better handled with your property managers but can be insured as well.

Additional issues that can plague your insurance program include the following exclusions, some of which can find solutions in proper coverage and some of which can find solutions with excellent property management. While there are other exclusions in your policies, the following are likely to be the ones you may encounter:

  • Earthquake, Landslide/Land Movement
  • Flood, Mudflows, Surface Water
  • Some policy forms exclude theft to building items; most exclude theft to contents provided to tenants
  • Damage due to Freezing of Pipes while the property is vacant or unoccupied
  • Back Up of Sewers & Drains
  • General Wear & Tear
  • Embedded exclusions for injury caused by certain dog breeds, reduced limits for dog bite claims, and in some cases complete dog bite exclusions - and you didn't know it was there!
  • Restricted coverage limits for properties that are vacant (unoccupied over 30 days). Typically, Vandalism, Glass Breakage, Damage by Theft/ Attempted Theft, Water Damage are excluded along with the pipe freezing and resulting damages, and in some cases complete loss of coverage (vacancy restrictions can vary state-by-state).
  • If your rental property is vacant over 60 days, you may risk loss of Fire insurance protection altogether. Recently, the policies changed: If a Fire loss or a Water loss is directly caused by Vandalism or Malicious Mischief, and the property has been vacant over 60 days, you risk not having any Water or Fire protection. If your properties are nearing 60 days vacant, then let us know so that we can help you find alternatives in coverage until the property is rented.

The Cost of Your Protection is meaningless after the claim occurs. Get it right the first time!

At Huggins Dreckman Insurance, we protect landlords all over California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Oregon, and Washington, as well as in Idaho, Utah, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, and South Carolina. We know the areas, and we know how to protect you with the right type of insurance. We can connect you to proven property managers in certain areas around the country. And, if you have properties in states not listed here, we also have solutions. Just call 877-857-9505 for quotes 7 days a week or 800-400-3224 (562-594-6541) during regular office hours for assistance.

Don't delay: Let the professionals at Safeco & Huggins Dreckman Insurance forge a shield of protection over you with the right coverage at the right price. For Landlords, we have developed a unique partnership with Safeco Insurance Company that brings to you some of the most competitive products you'll find anywhere in the country, where you'll receive:

  • A professionally developed quote for your rental property simply by calling 877-857-9505, our dedicated line to our Safeco partners. Our national sales office can take your calls Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm Pacific Time, 8am to 4pm each Saturday & Sunday.
  • For our Safeco clients, we provide 24/7 customer service via our dedicated Safeco hotline: 877-857-9505! Yes, the same number! You can call and speak to a real person at any time to make a change, inquire about your bill, or to place a claim. Just select Option 3.
  • Through the magic of consolidation of policies, you can package your Home, Cars, Umbrella, and Rental Properties and maximize the savings. Even the Landlord policies will see significant discounts through the bundling of these policies.
  • Huggins Dreckman Insurance's offices are in, Los Alamitos, California, where the OC meets Los Angeles. Our phone numbers are 800-400-3224and 562-594-6541, and we are open all business days from 8:45am to 5:15 pm and available for weekend consultations by appointment. We have email and fax access and a secure server in which you can communicate to us if you so choose; for that, you simply go to and sign in to create an account.
  • Great Rates, Great Service, and Great Insurance providers = the best Landlord Insurance Program you'll find. Call Safeco today at 877-857-9505 or our office at 562-594-6541 / 800-400-3224!