Protect Your Investment With Landlord Insurance In San Antonio, TX

Ahh, San Antonio...building walkway

Due to the strong demand for housing, the vacancy rates for single family rental property homes and duplexes in San Antonio continue to remain among the lowest in the nation as long as you work with the better property management teams. Lower vacancy rates - and higher cash flows - are among the huge draws that the community provides to real estate investors, and Huggins Dreckman Insurance - aligned with our Safeco Landlord Insurance partners - offers the ability for landlords to obtain amazing insurance protection for San Antonio investors at even more amazing prices.

Home of the historic Alamo, and home of military bases supporting the best of our youth as they serve our nation. Home of hospitals serving military and civilian victims of injury from all over the country who suffer life-threatening burns and who are in need of spinal surgeries and other advanced medical treatments.

Home of the best Mexican Food outside of California (it might even be better) and the famed Riverwalk. Home of the Spurs and home of major industries that help keep the Texas economic boom driving forward. And home of great real estate deals.

Tourism, schools, hospitals, sports, and major industries: San Antonio is alive! And, because of that strong economic pulse, San Antonio offers a tremendous opportunity for real estate investors and landlords to purchase rental properties. It is a great rental property market, as there is a strong demand for single family homes and duplexes as rental properties, and the positive cash flow is tremendous.

Huggins Dreckman Insurance and the Safeco insurance companies provide solid, secure protection that is specifically written to the needs and desires of San Antonio's landlords. As a landlord myself, I find Safeco offers me the most protection, allowing me to not agonize over my coverage in the event something goes wrong. Our Safeco program is there for me - 24/7 & live - when I need it. And, that means my positive cash flow income stream is secure.

And, Safeco can be there for you, too: protecting your rental property and your income stream for your real estate investments. Just a few benefits of this innovative San Antonio, TX Rental Property Insurance program include the promise that your rental property will be restored to its pre-loss condition and deal with the impact of the city's building codes that govern the re-building of the property, following an insured disaster. To that end, Safeco will:

  • with your assistance, create - based upon the most up-to-date software data - a Replacement Cost estimate for the property;
  • allow protection for up to 125% of the insured value, thus providing you with the ability to obtain adequate Rental Property Insurance limits to replace the property;
  • assist in your San Antonio real estate's ever-increasing cost of reconstruction by providing for the additional costs of reconstruction due to changes in the building codes;
  • maintain your rental income stream in the event of a fire or other large insurable loss that forces the tenant to move out and pay rent to someone else in the greater San Antonio area (your tenant has moved on);
  • defend & protect you in the event of an injury to someone on the property and for which you are alleged be at fault;
  • provide 24/7 live client services for changes to, questions about, or claims against your Landlord Insurance via a dedicated telephone line (877-857-9505) which alerts Safeco's representatives that you are part of the most effective Rental Property Insurance program they underwrite!

You just can't get this level of protection and service for San Antonio rental properties anywhere else without paying an exorbitant cost for it - unless you sign up with this San Antonio, TX Landlord Insurance program from Huggins Dreckman Insurance & Safeco Insurance Company. Together, you get it all:

  • You can call in, on our dedicated Safeco line at 877-857-9505, Option 1, for new policies 7 days a week, which can be quoted and issued in about 20 minutes;
  • 24/7 Safeco client services, with staff standing by to help you (877-857-9505 Option 4);
  • Huggins Dreckman Insurance and staff dedicated to your needs & satisfaction (562-594-6541);
  • Websites for digital needs and requests:, for general Safeco access (bill pay, claims);
  • Mobile apps from Huggins Dreckman Insurance and Safeco, for while your are on the go and need to make changes or inquiries, or to report a claim;
  • The ability to place all of your San Antonio Rental Property Insurance, and other personal insurance, in one convenient place.

Because our agency specializes in Landlord Insurance, we have referrals to realtors, property managers, and lenders that fill out your investment team. We can protect your San Antonio investment property, and we can direct you to folks who can find, finance, and maintain your rental properties with positive cash flows.

We hope you invest in the San Antonio rental property market for Landlords. San Antonio is one of America's emerging, great cities, and we hope you will use Huggins Dreckman Insurance and Safeco's services and systems, which are second to none in protection and service to landlords investing in San Antonio rental properties!