Protect Your Investment With Austin Texas Landlord Insurance

Austin is one of America's most dynamic cities. Austin offers tremendous opportunity for real estate investors and landlords, as it continues to grow faster & stronger than nearly any other city in America and thus demands rental housing availability.

Low vacancy rates and high demand for single family homes and duplexes in Austin continue to draw real estate investors to the Austin community. Huggins Dreckman Insurance, working with our Safeco insurance partners, works with investors from all over the country to obtain amazing Austin, TX Landlord Insurance protection for their rental properties at incredible prices.

While the low cost of insurance is a very important component of your cash flow, Safeco also provides the most comprehensive coverage available, written specifically for the needs of Austin Landlords and investors.

As a landlord myself, I feel secure in Safeco’s protection for insurable damage to the property, as well as securing my positive cash flow in the event the property becomes untenantable following an insured loss. Our program is there for me - 24/7 & live - when I need it. And, Safeco & Huggins Dreckman Insurance can protect your property and liability exposurs, as well as your income stream, too.

A great example of this is that one of the benefits of this innovative Safeco Rental Property Insurance program includes the promise that your Austin rental property will be restored to its pre-loss condition and deal with the impact of the city's building codes that govern the re-building of the property, following an insured disaster. To that end, when writing Landlord Insurance in Austin, TX, Safeco will:

  • assist you in establishing a credible Replacement Cost estimate for the rental property;
  • allow a hedge against accidentally underinsuring the structure by allowing the policy to pay up to 125% of the policy limit in the event of a total loss;
  • assist in your Austin real estate's cost of reconstruction by allowing for the increased costs of construction due to the changes in, and upgrades required by, the city’s building codes following substantial damage to the property;
  • in the event of a fire or other large insurable loss that forces your tenant to move out and pay rent to someone else in the Austin area (your tenant has moved on), Safeco can pay your rent up to 1 year following the loss;
  • protect you in the event of real or alleged injury to someone on the rental property, including the cost of defense and the payment of a judgment against you for insurable liability claims;
  • through our exclusive program, provide you access to Safeco's client support services, staffed by real human beings! And, they’ll know that you are part of the most effective Austin, TX Rental Property Insurance program they underwrite!

Only here can you get this level of Landlord protection and service without paying an exorbitant cost for it. Only from Huggins Dreckman Insurance & Safeco Insurance Company can you get it all:

  • A direct line to Safeco at 877-857-9505, Option 1, for new Landlord policies quotes and issuance 7 days a week;
  • 24/7 Safeco client services, with staff standing by to help you (877-857-9505 Option 4);
  • Huggins Dreckman Insurance and staff dedicated to your needs & satisfaction (562-594-6541);
  • Websites for digital service needs and requests:, for general Safeco access (bill pay, claims)
  • The ability to place all of your Austin, TX Rental Property Insurance (and other personal insurance) in one convenient place.

We hope you will use our Huggins Dreckman Insurance and Safeco Landlord Insurance services and systems, which are second to none in protection and service to landlords investing in the Austin rental property marketplace!