Are You Sick & Tired of the High Cost (and low quality) of Apartment Building Insurance?
Then, you've found the right place:

Your apartment building - or your property empire - likely represents your life's work and accumulation of wealth.  How awful it is, when we see so many people cutting down their protection to ensure greater profitability or, in some cases, simply to ensure positive cash flow.    

And, our industry is partially to blame.  We all are geared to quote pricing - we often believe that's the only reason customers will ever buy our products.  The truth is that customers want to become clients and receive the benefit of our knowledge so that we can advise them how to make the most advantageous purchase of insurance so as to properly protect their investments.     

At Huggins Dreckman Insurance, you become a client at the outset.  We ask the right questions to ensure that your building, liability, rental income and other important building owner protections are quoted and in place.  Most clients are surprised at how much it costs to re-build apartment and other income property following a devastating claim (or even a small water claim). 

Claims in apartment buildings are similar to car insurance bumper-thumpers in that we are very surprised at the extended damages found underneath the panels and bumpers following a relatively small accident.  It is no different with apartment insurance claims - we find lots of damage underneath the floors and inside the walls that are not visible to the eye but are only discovered during the uncovering of the cause of a claim at an insured property.

What must be done is to prepare yourself, as best as you can, for extended and more damaging amounts of loss than you might expect from normal, small claims.  You can do this by either building up a large slush fund for uninsured claims, or by purchasing the proper protection which includes: 

  • The basic Apartment Insurance Package (Property, Loss of Rental Income, Liability for slips & falls)
  •   Large Liability claims defense and payments of judgments
  •   Upgrades and accompanying costs for Building Code changes and laws governing rebuilding
  •   Breakdown of Electronic Machinery and the resulting Loss of Rental Income
  •   Back up of Sewers & Drains    
  •   Damages from former Tenants claiming Wrongful Eviction from their unit 
  •  Earthquake Insurance (a separate & additional policy)
  •   Flood Insurance (a separate & additional policy)
  •    Damages from vengeful tenants (or prospective tenants) who sue you for discrimination based upon race, class, gender, and disabilities (an entirely separate policy).
  •    Workers Compensation exposures (a separate policy, and you all have this exposure and need insurance protection, even if you think you don't)

Protection is meaningless after the incident. And think of it. We are all one mishap away from devastating personal and financial loss.

At Huggins Dreckman Insurance -,  we have protected apartment owners all over California, Arizona, Nevada and the West for decades. We know the areas. We know the residents. We know how to protect you with the right type of insurance (see Resources).

Avoiding incidences is not promised to you or anyone else. So, don’t delay. Be prepared for life’s misfortunes. Click on a quote request now and let the professionals at Huggins Dreckman Insurance forge a shield of protection over you.  Or call 800-400-3224 and request extension 16 for Theresa or 15 for Stan.