Landlord Insurance - a National Program with Local Service!

As a landlord, you view your rental properties as an important means of developing and accumulating your future wealth and retirement income.  As specialists in Landlord Insurance, we just cringe when we see so many people cutting corners in their protection simply to ensure a few dollars greater cash flow.

While sacrificing protection to generate a few dollars more cash flow is a strategy, generally it's not a good one.  Insurance is often viewed, by consumers, as a zero-sum game, and because insurance agents know this, many agents are quick to simply quote what they think is a price you will accept, often ignoring what it takes to correctly insure an investment property.  That is a huge disservice to you.

At Huggins Dreckman Insurance, we ask the right questions to ensure that your rental properties are properly covered.  Property ownership is part of our lives, and we work closely with property management companies which specialize in 1-4 unit properties.  As such, we tend to understand the exposures.  The truth is that our clients want to be protected and to receive the benefit of our knowledge, so that they will know how to make the most advantageous insurance purchase to properly protect their investments.

For Landlords, we have developed a unique partnership with Safeco Insurance Company, which brings to you some of the most competitive and sophisticated products for Landlords that you'll find – anywhere in the country – which are consistent from state-to-state and which provide for the replacement of your damaged rental property including building code upgrade requirements and rental income loss resulting from insured damages. 

That is protection, but it doesn’t stop there.  Also provided is $500,000 is landlord liability.  Dogs bite, people find ways to injure themselves, and liability for injuries may be yours as a landlord.  High limits of landlord liability insurance are critical, including purchasing additional limits of protection often referred to as an Umbrella.

Call today for your coverage review and quote at 877-857-9505, Option 1This is our dedicated line to our Safeco partners. Our licensed, professional representatives will take your calls Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm Pacific Time, 8am to 4pm each Saturday & Sunday.   

Once you have your coverage in place, you then have access to our direct to Safeco 24/7, 365 days a year, Customer Care Service system which provides you with live customer care via our dedicated Safeco phone number,  877-857-9505, Option 4. You can call and speak to a very real, live & licensed service representative (right here in the USA) at any time to make a change on your policy, inquire about your coverage and your bill, or to place a claim. All of this, every hour of every day.  This service is also all available online and via the Safeco app on your phone!

With our Safeco program, we offer you the ability to insure more properties - in a personal, Landlord Insurance policy format (the most competitive method for insuring rental properties) - than most agents anywhere in the U.S. And for you that generates better coverage at a great price! 

Don't delay:  Most likely, you are not properly covered for the very claims that Landlords and owners of rental properties are most likely to suffer. Click on the quote request now or contact us at 800-400-3224.  You can also call direct to Safeco at 877-857-9505 to discuss your concerns about your Rental Property Insurance.  Let the professionals at Huggins Dreckman Insurance and Safeco protect you with the right coverage at the right price. Call or click for a quote today! And for more information about Umbrella insurance, click here.