Orange County & National Homeowner's Insurance Programs

Protect Your Home Like the Investment It Is!

Have you ever:

  • Had a kitchen fire - and smelled the stench that used to be the living room?
  • Been a target of a lawsuit?
  • Had your jewelry stolen from your home while you were out to dinner?
  • Returned from a 3-day weekend only to find your first floor is 6 inches under water from the leak behind the refrigerator?
  • Had your luggage or laptop stolen while on vacation by a thief who assaulted you as you sat in the back of a cab?

I hope you never experience this; if, however, you do, I hope you are covered properly for the event. If you aren't sure about your protection, please contact Huggins Dreckman Insurance in Los Alamitos (Orange County), California, for an insurance review to make certain you are properly covered. We insure homes in 23 states, from Orange County to Los Angeles County, SoCal, to NoCal, Washington State to North Carolina, Texas to Tennessee, and parts in-between.

So wherever your home is, call us. With regional insurers like Mercury Insurance and Oregon Mutual Insurance, and national insurers like Safeco Insurance Company and Foremost insurance, we can get you covered. And, if we can't help you, we likely know someone who can due to our extensive networking with agents all over the country.

We provide Home Insurance by vigorously pursuing value added protection for you and your home. For example:

  • Do you know if the amount of insurance on your policy is enough? We do our best to provide adequate insurance limits, in the event of a large or total loss, by estimating the replacement value of your home and by adding additional limits of coverage automatically to the policy (extended replacement cost)
  • Are you covered for catastrophic claims, such as Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Floods? We can help!
  • Do you own over $5,000 in jewelry? Or do you own extensive collections? You should have jewelry and other valuables specifically insured at their appraised value to ensure the protection of this asset.
  • Are you protected if your dog bites someone? Many policies have embedded animal or breed exclusions - does yours?

You have a lot to be concerned about, and we can help. We provide outstanding Homeowners Insurance programs to our clients, with such companies as Safeco Insurance Company, Mercury Insurance, Oregon Mutual, Universal North American Insurance, and others.

Click on the link above to start your Home Insurance program right away, or, call us now at 562-594-6541.If you prefer weekend service, call our dedicated Safeco-direct line at 877-857-9505, Option 1, for your quote today. Let our insurance professionals guide you in the right direction for protection!

Let us help you get properly insured and by-pass the traditional insurance traps that engulf the uninformed and create havoc when you have a claim!