Why You Need Earthquake Insurance in Los Alamitos

A Flick of an Earthly Wrist in California, the Pacific Northwest, and the New Madrid Fault!

Rebuilding your home or your business, replacing your possessions and lost income, and starting over from less than scratch: Just the thought can be terrifying.

Have you ever done it? Not just a new job but a new life? It takes Herculean will. And there is no guarantee that you will ever get back to the point where you left. Chances are, it probably will be grim for a good while and it may end up worse.

Having to start over because an earthquake has destroyed your home or business means one other thing: You really will not be starting over. In fact, you will begin way behind the starting blocks and facing complete financial devastation. Because if your home or business is destroyed, you will still owe the mortgage and your shattered business will immediately find itself on life-support. And, if you are still paying on destroyed possessions, that debt will not disappear, either.

It is amazing that just a flick of the 3 billion year old earth’s wrist has the power to discombobulate your 80 to 100 year life, but chances are it might.

Consider the following three facts:

  • There are 500,000 earthquakes each year
  • They are increasing in intensity
  • There is 70% chance of a 6.7 magnitude or higher occurring in the next 30 years

The final, convincing fact is that if you cannot afford to rebuild your home, you need earthquake insurance.

So, rebuild with insurance money, not your own. Contact the insurance veterans at Huggins Dreckman Insurance for a free quote on earthquake insurance today.

Huggins Dreckman Insurance

The earthquake insurance experts at Huggins Dreckman Insurance in the Seal Beach, California area, will explain your protection options and give you all of the earthquake facts pertaining to your area: from Southern California to the San Francisco Bay, from Oregon to Idaho and Washington, from Merced to Missouri...and beyond!

Protect your business, your family and your home. Contact us today for a no obligation earthquake insurance quote. It’s the best way to protect yourself against the whims of nature. AND, don't overlook the risk of Flood damage; Flooding is the #1 cause of the greatest amount of damage nationwide!