Hi: I'm Ruby-

My Dad - Stan Dreckman, agency owner of Huggins Dreckman Insurance - loves other animals almost as much as he loves me (but make no mistake: I'm still number one).

Dad wants to help shelter animals in Seal Beach & Long Beach, California and beyond! So he donates part of his commission for new policies that are generated through this site. The more policies generated through this site, the more he is able to donate for the protection of cats & dogs.

Sign up today for a quote, or transfer your existing Mercury and Safeco policies to Dad's office. Any way you get there - if you go through this site, when you contact us and purchase a new policy through our agency or transfer an existing Mercury or Safeco policy to our agency, the donations will continue to happen.

As it is now, Dad gives money as sustaining memberships and donates a sponsorship to the Wag N Walk in Seal Beach each year. And, we want to do more.

Help me & Dad care for sheltered pets!

Ruby Jensen, ruby@hdinsure.com

Hi, I'm Ruby's Dad.

Ruby is a very smart little girl, and she's outlined an incredible offer for you:

How to take something you are going to buy anyway - car insurance - and
Buy it at a great price, probably the best price, and
Turn it into a great deal for YOU and
Create a donation for the benefit of no-kill care centers.
And, if you also buy your Home and Umbrella policies with your car insurance, not only will you get great car insurance coverage and pricing with one of our amazing insurance companies,

You'll get additional multiple policy discounts and save even more, and
Additional policies will generate even more donations !
Anyway you cut it, it's a win for everyone: You, the shelter, and the animals it protects. Go online and request a quote at www.insurance4animals. com or call for a quote and tell us that Ruby sent you!

Save a little, give a little = a lot of good things can happen!
~ Stan Dreckman, stan@hdinsure.com ~