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Someday, YOU will be in a Car Accident: Are Your Assets Properly Protected?

Our office is located on one of the busiest streets in northwest Orange County, California, and we hear sirens all day long - many times 2-3 fire or rescue ambulances driving by at once.

Listening to these passing rescue vehicles reminds me of a couple of near-miss, serious injuries I have sustained over the years because another driver wasn't paying attention, was changing the radio station, or - in the worst accident in which I've been injured - where I was knocked out, cold!

Another driver was changing out her reading glasses to her driving glasses while driving 50 miles an hour as she drove through my bright red sports-car while I was stopped and waiting for another driver to make an illegal left turn. Her only comment, after I woke up and spoke with her: She was certain she had hit a white car and was wondering how my car was so badly mangled (later someone pulled part of the the red fiberglass bumper from her over-sized car's front grill).

After that, it became my mission to make sure that our clients are offered the best in protection.After an accident of this caliber is not the time to begin your Auto Insurance coverage review and assessment. Get it done right,the first time, and get the best insurance protection from the best insurers available before an accident by calling Huggins Dreckman Insurance and DRIVE RIGHT Insurance Services, in Los Alamitos, California.

Drive the Right Automobile Insurance Protection, with a Difference:

You want to look at your insurance policy as the means to an outstanding end resulting from an unfortunate experience. Consider your Car Insurance contract as a retainer agreement with a first-class attorney. You may also consider it to be the funding mechanism at a highly professional auto body shop, where you can get your car fixed after an accident and with the work guaranteed!

Your insurance retainer contract of personal protection consists of the following parts:

  • Liability- Defending you and paying damages (and attorney fees & court costs) to others in event you are found at fault in an accident;
  • Collision- In the event your car is damaged as a result of a collision, this will pay the damages to your car, less your deductible, regardless of fault;
  • Comprehensive- if your car is damaged by an event other than a collision (for example, theft or vandalism - or a broken windshield), subject to just a few exclusions, the insurance funding mechanism will pay for this damage.

Other protection includes:

  • Medical Payments to you, for minor injuries you or a passenger may sustain in an accident regardless of fault.
  • Emergency Road Service If you are ever stranded in your vehicle, you can call your insurance company for immediate assistance.
  • Uninsured Motorist Protection:Just because the law says Auto Insurance is mandatory, it does not mean that everyone will have it. This is your protection for severe injuries and lost wages or income due to your being injured by an at-fault, uninsured driver and you are unable to work
  • The cost to Rent a Car after yours is damaged and not drivable or while it is being repaired.

Let us help you to determine that you are receiving all of the new discounts you are entitled to, with the proper coverage that you want.

Don't wait to get run over by a negligent driver. Don't wait to get sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Huggins Dreckman Insurance and DRIVE RIGHT Insurance

Proper protection is everything after the accident. But, you have to put it into motion before an accident occurs; there are no do-overs after an accident! It's not the same as shopping on the internet and just sending it back if you are dissatisfied. There are no little green cartoon figurines that will come to your rescue.

Do you want to risk your financial future with gimmicky Car Insurance offers from anemic looking representatives who really aren't all that funny? Insurance isn't a laughing matter - do you really want to put yourself in a position that has you second-guessing your protection after an accident?

We have protected the people of Long Beach, Los Alamitos, Orange County, Southern California, and all across America since 1968. If you will let us, we know how to protect you with the right Automobile Insurance that fits your vehicle usage and lifestyle.

Don't delay. Contact us right away at 562-594-651 - or request a quote or assistance through this website - and get started on the road to Insuring Your Success! Drive Smart - DRIVE RIGHT with Huggins Dreckman Insurance!