Damage To Your Property


If your home or business property sustains any damage, it's always best to call in the claim as soon as possible but only after (or while) you have done what you need to do to secure your property from further damage, if this is at all possible.  Great examples of this is  water coming out of your walls or from behind the refrigerator:  You need to call a plumbing company ASAP to stop the flow of water.  

Then, call your insurance company to report the damages and work with the claims service representatives to get - in these examples - a water remediation company to remove as much water and dampness from your property as you can.  If you can't reach the insurance company, the names and contact information for local and national companies that regularly work with insurance carriers to secure and repair properties are available on the internet.  Just type in words such as "water remediation" or "insurance repairs".  These people are everywhere (your plumber can also refer people).

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