Company Rules and Practices

Regardless of what TV commercials try to tell you, every insurance company is different. They all have their own rules, practices and rate plans.  And they all treat claims differently, too, with some of the biggest as most well known companies being the worst offenders. 

Real life exampleSome companies pay to put your car back to the manufacturer's original specs and to use the manufacturer's approved repair techniques & parts - such as proper methods for straightening out your Uni-body vehicle following an accident, and some may use cheaper methods to repair your car.  Your car may look the same, but it won't drive the same or potentially could have safety issues.  Certainly, there will be - at the very least - resale issues.

Some companies have a price for just about everybody. That means that no matter how bad your claims record gets they’ll keep you insured. Of course, your price will go up and up to match your claims experience!

On the other hand, some companies don’t have a price for everyone. When your claims record gets too bad, they’ll non-renew your policy (within the circumstances allowed by law). When that happens you’ll be forced to get insurance elsewhere, and it’s likely you’ll pay a significantly higher price with a new company.

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