The Size of Your Loss

If it’s not already obvious - even presumed, this discussion about whether or not to submit your claim really only happens when you sustain a small loss … a loss that often barely exceeds your deductible.

Clearly, if you have a $20,000 car wreck…or $50,000 of damage to your home…or $35,000 of inventory stolen from your store, it’s highly unlikely that you would even consider not submitting that claim. That IS what you buy insurance for!

On the other hand, small losses can sometimes hurt worse by submitting them. The consequences of submitting the claim may outweigh the money you receive from the company.

Sometimes it just makes sense to pay your loss yourself and avoid the consequences of submitting a claim.


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  1. Damage to Your Property:

  2. Damage to Your Car

  3. Small Claims

  4. Your Deductible

  5. Did Someone Get Hurt?

  6. Company Rules and Practices

  7. State Laws



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