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Will Your Auto Insurance Stand Up to the Challenge of Covering Your Liability While Driving U-Haul Trucks?

Important Note to the Customers of Huggins Dreckman and DRIVE RIGHT Insurance:

 Are you, or do you know anyone, considering renting a U-Haul or other  trucks to move the household to a new home?  Or to move the kids back from college?  Taking furniture to the second home?  Moving out of state? 

Likely, when most people go to get the U-Haul vehicle and the dealer's reps promote the supplemental insurance, people  will say:   "No:  I have liability insurance".  Even after the reps attempt to explain the coverage issues, people will decline the coverage.   

Isn't that what you and your friends do?  You might even rent a U-Haul truck for the newly-weds who are driving to Austin, Texas, to start their new lives.  They are driving 1500 miles and using  your insurance - and they are covered, right?

You know where this is going, and the destination may not be what you want; but you can't make a brick wall become paper mache no matter how much you think it should be .  

Generally speaking, if you rent a small U-Haul pick up truck, your car insurance will cover you for your personal, non-business use of the vehicle.  But if you have the larger trucks, most likely the chance that your insurance will extend your coverage to these trucks is in doubt.  And, most credit card companies' insurance programs (for when you rent a private passenger vehicle) will not extend over a rental truck. 

So, what do you do?  You buy the liability and physical damage from the truck rental company; if you own a  business and have commercial vehicle insurance, that coverage may extend protection if it includes the proper endorsements.  But for most people, the need to purchase protection from the truck rental company is a necessity. 

And, some companies - like U-Haul - have an additional excess layer of coverage that will add an extra $1,000,000 in coverage to the rental contract.  There is great information to be found at regarding this protection.

No one wants to pay car or truck rental companies a dime more than they have to - not ever.  But, if you want to be protected for liability (if you hit some one while driving the rental truck) or for damage to the truck itself, then you will have to step up and initial the form to accept the coverage.  It's money well spent; otherwise, you are simply playing the odds and hoping you won't sustain a life-threatening, financially devastating liability resulting from the use of the truck.

Be careful, be thoughtful, and don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish!

Insuring Your Success!   

Stan Dreckman


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