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Bundling: Flo & the Gekko Don't Know Beans About It!

How Do You Benefit from Packaging Your Insurance with One Insurer?

Packaging (or bundling) your insurance is one of may tools that can help to lower the cost of your homeowners insurance and auto insurance policies; toss a third policy in - perhaps an Umbrella policy -  and you often maximize your discounts to such a degree that your insurance program is untouchable, leaving you with the knowledge that you have the best deal (the most bang for your buck) and free to direct your attention to important matters other than insurance.

Lots of times, anyway.  But beware dark-haired, pasty white skinned girls and talking reptiles (the original forked tongue).

Offering the option to package your auto and home insurance is often the first seductive step in many companies attempts to grab your insurance away from your current insurance company. 

Yet, what are they really offering?  You might think that it's the same insurance company offering to handle you home, car and umbrella protection so that you will  have one place to call when you need them - and, of course, at the lowest price. But is that true? 

Often, all that they are offering is their mascot, and that's about it . Progressive and Geico - AAA, USAA, and other posers, for instance, often team up on you with other companies to artificially create the "package" or the "bundle". These programs are offered by insurance companies other than the one you wanted.   You are dealing with other companies for your rental property insurance, the out-of-state exposures such as 2nd homes or rentals, or other related insurance programs that are important to you.

And, who are you going to call when there is a problem?   Your agent . . . WHAT agent? And, which company's representatives?  How many phone numbers or websites do you need to have in order to enjoy one of the great benefits of packaging your insurance:  Convenience!

True packaging and bundling of policies can be done by many insurers, though oddly enough seldom the big ones, and fewer of the behemoth insurers can package your insurance policies and needed programs unless you are willing to pay thousands of dollars ($1,000++++++) more than you need to pay. 

There are companies out there, like Safeco, which will offer Home, Car, Umbrella, Rental Property (Landlord), and Toys (ATVs, Motorcycles, etc.) and happily  package it all together.  And, you'll have just one number to call or one website on which you can access your personal account information.  Safeco isn't the only company that does this, but Safeco does it very well.

Partnered with our agency, Safeco provides our clients with both direct access our our agency and to Safeco's professionally trained service personnel on a 24/7 & live basis.  This is set to save you maximum dollars while providing you with the ultimate in service.  Call Huggins Dreckman Insurance (562-594-6541)or Safeco (877-857-9505) to learn all about this amazingly convenient services system and great rates!   

Insuring Your Success!

 Stan Dreckman


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