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Truly, I hope you will live forever. 

On the chance you may not, however, have you established your estate with life insurance?   Yes, your estate.  Generally speaking, if you are reading this blog, you have a job; you are making a living for you and perhaps your family.  And, if you have a family (not necessarily a nuclear family but siblings and parents or grandchildren), you need an estate.

What is the purpose of the estate?  There are lots of legal purposes, but how about some general, non-legal reasons: 

  • To take care of your survivors, if that is applicable;
  • To help take care of your survivors – if they have gainful employment; or,
  • If you have debts that will fall one family members in the event of a probate.

How will you make this happen?  Will you save enough money to take care of them?  Some will, and most won’t.  Or, will you leave them without the means to continue without a significant and massive reduction in life style?  Pet lovers:  Your dog and cat can’t stay in most apartments if you die and the family is forced to move. 

So, you don’t want to do that; rather, you want to ensure their stability. 

So, I ask again and change the question just a bit:  How will you provide for your family or survivors if you die and there isn’t’ enough money in the bank to pay for the probate attorney and court costs?

For most people, the function of life insurance is to create the estate and the means for the survivors to, well, survive

How do you find out how much life insurance costs?  You can call a life insurance broker and be harassed for the next month, not to mention being the subject of a very hard or strategic sell.  But, that is unpleasant at best. So, what do you do?

You go to – our website – and click on our life insurance quote link for a non-binding estimate of the cost of life insurance.  Our website is, and the life insurance link is just below Ruby’s video. If you like what you see and want more information, call us at 562-594-6541 (800-400-3224), extension 15 for Stan Dreckman (that’s me). We’ll discuss the general aspects of coverage; and then if you wish to get into more detail, I’ll arrange to have our life insurance specialist speak with you.

So, don’t wait.  Once you get sick (heart condition, stroke, cancer, ebola) you won’t be able to get life insurance – at least, not affordably for most people.

It’s Christmas time.  What a great present to give to your family, one that will leave them the security they desire and need from you.  If you are healthy, there will be plenty of money left for toys under the tree and that special something for the special person in your life. So, there is no point in waiting until after the first of the year to get covered; show them you care right now!    

PS:  While you are there, and after you take 90 seconds to get a life insurance coverage and premium estimate, click on the link just above the life insurance quote link and take the free, individual survey that will help us (you and me) determine if you have adequate insurance protection (what you think you have already).   Then, call us so that we can get that life insurance moving and, if you wish, we can further discuss other insurance matters.  

Thank you for this opportunity to be of service to you


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