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How Do YOU Choose Your Insurance Company?

Honestly, when you are dialing-for-dollars in attempt to get the cheapest insurance policy on the planet, how do you decide on one policy from another when you have no idea what you are buying?  Do you decide on price only?

Our experience with buyers of insurance runs from the cheapest they can find – and in complete disregard of the type of coverage they are purchasing – to the extensive researchers of rate and coverage who also depend upon the research and knowledge of their insurance agent and advocate.  And, this is pretty much as you might expect it to be.

Still, a sad and increasing trend among personal car and home insurance buyers – and some business insurance buyers – is to get the cheapest thing they can find. 


Because Erin Esurance and Flo (not of Flo & Eddie fame) have trained the masses that insurance isn’t a whole lot different from comic book cartoons or dessert trays & puppies.  These advertisements, and unnatural reptilian tendencies deeply imbedded in our brains, have large numbers of people believing that all insurance is the same and falls into the following categories:    

  • A somewhat necessary evil with trivial consequences at best;
  • A commodity purchase (it’s all about the price because insurance is all the same)
  • A way of paying hard-earned cash only to be screwed by a faceless corporation when you are in a tight spot (of course, people with that attitude never figure out that the first two concepts have a huge impact when claims decisions are made and they are not happy with the result).

Why do you buy insurance:  so that you can qualify to drive a legally registered car or hand a piece of paper to a landlord?  If so – if you are not at all concerned about the financial consequences of your decisions, you shouldn’t be upset about being screwed by a faceless corporation.

Remember what your parents said:  You get what you pay for.   

  • If you want coverage that will provide you with the best protection, when you are renting a car or driving a friend’s car – and particularly when you are driving your own car, then the cost of insurance becomes secondary to the price structure because you have decided that your financial well-being comes first, then the price.
  • If you want your insurance to pay for all of the damage to your investment property, following a fire, then you don’t want certain kinds of policies that will not pay to replace the damaged property and restore your investment.
  • If you want your business liability insurance to properly cover your lease obligations, then you cannot buy a one-size-fits all policy.

For all of this, you need an insurance advisor – a person looking out for you, not the corporate bottom line. Yes, think about it:  Companies that brag that they have no “middle-men” have employees instead of independents agents:  Where do you think their loyalties will lay – to you?   

Your independent agent is your insurance advocate, and generally speaking, these agents will provide better service to you and to the community; and they’ll do it within a competitive price point.

The choice is clear:  Insure with the celluloid insurance providers (do you feel lucky . . . well, do you?), or be protected by proven and reputable insurance organizations which are represented by independent insurance agents, who will be looking out for your best interests. 

Actually, the decision is rather easy!

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