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How to Make Your Auto Insurance Pay for Your Pet’s Medical Bills, Resulting from an Auto Accident – and a Whole Lot More!

Extend Your Car Insurance to Your Pet’s Health While Driving

While more and more of us are insuring our very best friends – our pets – with special veterinary health insurance policies (like we do for Ruby), there is an additional way to support your best friend’s health.   

With an auto insurance policy from Safeco, you can endorse your policy to pay up to $500 for vet expenses if your dog (or cat) is injured in a collision. If your pet perishes in the accident, the endorsement provides for a flat $500 benefit (so you can get a new best friend and save a dog or cat from an untimely end at a “shelter”).  

There just aren’t all that many car insurance companies willing to do this – and admit it:  You worry about your special front-seat passenger every single time you get in the car with them. So, provide the financial assistance to help them with their medical bills if they are injured.

This benefit comes from the Safeco Optimum Package Plus an auto insurance endorsement, which provides many additional benefits beyond veterinary bill reimbursements, such as:

  • Death benefits, up to $2,000 per person/$4,000 total accident if a family member perishes in an accident (this comes from unused medical payments under the policy)
  • Up to $500 coverage for Tapes, records, disks, and other media stolen or lost/destroyed in an accident
  • Waiver of the Comprehensive (fire, theft, vandalism) deductible in the event of a total loss (the car is stolen and not recovered, for instance)
  • For drivers with no – that’s Zero – at-fault accidents,  the collision deductible will start to diminish (as much as $100 a year) until it is gone, up to a  maximum $500 reduction.   
  • Safeco will pay up to $3,000 for any trailers that you don’t own and which are damaged or stolen from you while in your possession
  • Emergency Expenses:  necessary expenses such as alternative transportation, meals, lodging, etc., following an accident or other insured damage to your car which effectively strands you.
  • Waiver of depreciation for wear & tear when repairing or replacing parts following an accident or theft
  • Electronic lock & key replacement deductible waiver if you have comprehensive coverage
  • World-wide coverage for physical damage to AND indirect loss of use of rental vehicles. International coverage is limited to 90 days – enough for the vast majority of us!  Loss of use is huge:  If you are involved in a collision, the rental car company will want to charge you with its lost use of that car when it is taken out of circulation to be repaired. 

So, you can insure your best friend’s health AND better protect your own financial health with this amazingly powerful endorsement.  This is a relatively new endorsement, so most of our Safeco clients do not have this additional protection.  Call us to add this to your policy today – or call our dedicated Safeco number at 877-857-9505, Option 4; this line is open and live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

If you don’t have Safeco auto insurance, you may wish to call us directly at 800-400-3224 / 562-594-6541; Ronda at extension 17 and Sharon at extension 19 are here to serve you during regular business hours.           

Insuring Your Success!

Stan Dreckman
Huggins/Dreckman Insurance
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