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Pizza and Cars – Potentially an Uninsurable Combination!

Many teens and college-age young people are working while attending school:  some for extra cash, some to pay for their car, some because they need to.

It is not uncommon to see local area kids driving delivery pizza or other food for our neighbors’ dinners or late evening snacks.  This is a great service, but it may put you in great financial peril. 


The vast majority  of insurance companies exclude use of any cars, insured on your policies, for use as delivery vehicles. That’s pizza, chicken, Italian, Chinese, and whatever else can be delivered. And, don’t overlook the local teen getting extra cash after school and on weekends working as the local garage’s parts chaser AND deliver person.

All of these activities are generally excluded in one form or another under most insurance policies.

  • Some companies completely exclude this type of activity
  • Some companies severely restrict this activity
  • Some companies limit coverage only to those who meet the definition of a driver as a “good driver”, in California anyway.  And that, by definition, excludes anyone under the age of 19 (at the earliest) and anyone else with less than 3 years driving experience. 

There are lots of ways to make pocket change, and we recommend that you do not let your young drivers earn money by doing delivery jobs.  Let your youngsters a busboy if they want to be in a restaurant environment (I did as a kid – was a great way to eat free). But, do not let them deliver food without checking first with your insurance agent


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