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5 Easy Ways to Save Water without Changing Your Life-Style!

Unless you live under a very wet rock, you know that the Southwest – and California in particular – is trying to manage water in an extremely severe drought.

Due to the lack of rain and water restrictions resulting from protesting plankton and minnows in the Sacramento river delta region (I suspect a conspiracy with the SF Giants fans), we don’t have enough water in SoCal to take care of all that we want.

We want our plants to be beautiful, daily showers so that we can be clean, and clean cars to drive around in our cities & neighborhoods.  But, we are told that we are running short on water. 

So, from Huggins Dreckman Insurance, with special editorial contributions from Ruby, the magnificent Wheaten, here are 5 sure-fire suggestions that will dramatically reduce the amount of water you use with little, if any, impact on your daily life.   And, you’ll save lots of cold hard cash that you can use at a water park or perhaps for designer water sold at the store!

First, before you begin to review these suggestions, have a strong drink . . . . of water.  Then, implement these simple steps toward the final goal of plenty of cool, clean water. 

 1.  We waste thousands of gallons of water at our sinks – yes, the kitchen sink AND the bathroom sinks.  Many people tend to open the faucets and let the water run at full blast strength while they wash and rinse anything they encounter, from fresh vegetables, to hair, to cleaning cloths and clothes.  The most egregious waste of water, however, appears at the kitchen sink, and the problem is magnified by teens and pre-teens sentenced to do kitchen duty.  

1.a.  You and I both know that for most people, and in particular teens, there is only one water setting:  full-on, heavy flows of hot and cold water (sometimes both at the same time).  You can save gallons of water a day (and by extension, the population can save 100s of thousands of gallons a day) simply by dialing down the amount of water that rushes out of your tap. 

1.b. This applies also to brushing teeth,  washing hair and all the aforementioned veggies.   Just cut the amount of rushing water down to one-half, or even one-third, of the usual flow. 

1.c.  For the more daring, you can also use a bowl to hold the hot, soapy water for washing dishes on one side of the sink and then rinse them all at the same time – with low velocity water from the faucet – on the other side of the sink.  This works is dual or single sinks alike).  And, to complete the feat, turn off the water when you aren’t rinsing. 

  2.  Removing Make-up:  For the mostly female readers that take off their make up with water as well as other cosmetic products, simply turn off the tap when you aren’t using the water.  Again, teenagers are among the most wasteful users of water in this water-saving action category.  Sorry kids, but it’s true.  In school, you learn about the ills of your parents’ and their parents’ generations and how you can save the earth from what they have done.  How about instead of occupying Wall Street, you take control of your bathroom faucets?  Just a thought.   

3.  Showers:  This one is easy, somewhat.  Just do two things: 

   3.a:  Cut the 20-minute showers to 10 (you won’t know the difference in your cleanliness)

   3.b:  Reduce the flow of water; like the veggies, your body doesn’t need that much water.  

4.   Washing the Car:  Keep washing it, but here are some tips that will make it more efficient and less expensive:          

   4.a:  Don’t let the water run ceaselessly from the hose; use a nozzle.

4.b:  Don’t have a nozzle?  Have the kids run & turn off the water between rinsing.  Wind-sprints are good exercise. This is also an opportunity to enhance parental-child bonding!  

4.c:  Give yourself a break – let the car go an extra week!

5.  Watering the lawns & flowers:  If you water 4 days a week, cut it to 3.  Mulch your lawn and flower-beds to keep the water and moisture contained in the dirt.  You can also by “beads” that you can put into the ground and which retain moisture.  Then, watch your savings multiply and your gardens grow!

So, as you can see, it really is easy to use less water, and it really doesn’t impact your life at all.  This is something you can easily control, and the rewards are significantly less water usage and lower water bills!

If you have any suggestions as to how we can use less water without impacting our lifestyles, please let us all know!  Just write back or find our post in Facebook and Twitter and make your suggestions!        


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