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Who Has Your Number? Emergency Tips from Huggins Dreckman Insurance

In the event of an emergency, we are constantly told to be sure we have a plan in place, to arrange meeting places for family members, and to have our emergency contact information at the ready.   

And where do you store it nowadays, in our tech-savvy world?  In our cell phones, of course!

Well, what are you going to do if you can’t find your cell phone, if you can’t get to it, or if it is destroyed?  What are you going to do then?

You should have an old fashioned, written emergency list of phone numbers so that, once the power is turned back on, you can access these very important numbers:  your family (I bet you haven’t memorized all of their numbers), your nearest hospital, the nearest Red Cross or Salvation Army facility, the police, or your insurance company’s direct claims line (these can be found on our website at or simply by googling companies like Safeco, Mercury, C N A, Travelers, and Oregon Mutual)!

You might want to have your best friends’ or neighbors’ numbers as well, as often there is not only genuine concern about them but – from a practical point of view – they may be where some of the family members end up being sheltered.

This emergency list should be printed and in your wallet or other accessory that you never stray far away from.

Anyway, it is something so simple and yet so “80s” that we don’t think of it anymore; everything is in our phones.  And, BTW, so is your agent Huggins Dreckman.  We are “mobile”; just punch us in.


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