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Home Owners and Landlords: Will You Be Protected When it Rains?

Earlier this year, we were concerned – and warned about – heavy flooding that could come from the bitter winter storms; we were concerned about flooding that was damaging our Midwestern, Eastern, and Southern clients’ properties.  As we now enter into the later Spring and the Summer months, we may not be as concerned about thawing ice flows damaging bridges, homes, and docks – or snow melting and swelling the rivers; but we are certainly very concerned about heavy rains that can cause intense flooding which can seriously damage your property.

These rains come from all types of sources:  storms, hurricanes, and rogue cells roaming the areas where you live and work.  And, this is not just a Midwest or Southern concern; it is a concern that touches all parts of our country.  To protect yourself in the event of a flood event, you need a separate policy that will protect you from the damage that a flood can cause, as flood damage is not covered under a homeowners or landlord protection policy.  The same holds true for businesses; a separate policy is needed.

All areas of the country can be affected by flooding, but then there are certain areas that can be particularly susceptible to damage from heavy Spring & Summer rains.  There are the usual suspects:  properties next to rivers, streams, and lakes, where there is only one way for the water to go – which is up and over the banks. 

Other areas that aren’t used to having floods include developments below wilderness or mountain burn areas; these can see quite a bit of flooding and mudding.  And, then you have areas like the recently flooded out streets and homes in the Pensacola, Florida, where they received so much rain in such a short amount of time that they were white-water kayaking down the streets and over lawns & driveways. There was a lot of damage there to homes and businesses that were used to seeing rain storms, but not of that intensity. 

And, there are the storms along the coastal areas of the country that cause the oceans to surge and inundate the lower coastal areas with floodwaters.  While we think of this as a Gulf or East Coast event, this even happens in California where recently we had storm surges pushing water into lower coastal neighborhoods.  

Here is what you need to know:  Flood insurance, in the low-risk flood zone areas, is cheap.  For most homes, it won’t exceed $425 (annually) for $250,000 of coverage. And, for the higher risk areas, the flood insurance will not be as expensive as it has recently been, with the new changes to the Flood rating methodology that was passed and approved by Congress this year.

Whether or not you purchase flood insurance is up to you, unless you are in an area where your bank or other lender demands it.  If you are in the normal “X” zone, where there is a possibility of flood but not as likely as the A or V zones, you can go online to the FEMA website – – and click on the link that will show you the typical cost to repair a flood damaged home that had minimal intrusion of water.  It is an easy link to find – there is a picture with the words below it which say, “What Could Flooding Cost Me?  Check it out and make an informed decision as to whether or not to purchase this protection.

Want to see how little this enormous protection can cost?  Then, just email us at and request a flood insurance quote.  Or, go to our website at and request a quote from there.                    

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