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May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

In southern California – and many southern States like Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, we can ride motorcycles all year round; we’re lucky!  In many other states, it’s a Spring to Fall event; and so the month of May – in recognition that riding begins to really pick up in the Midwest and other colder winter climates – is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month!

Riders know the freedom that they just can’t get from driving a car; so, they’ll be out in force this Summer.  So, motorists:  Please watch out for them.  In most cases, they are watching out for you, as the more veteran drivers understand that they face severe injury if they are hit.  They also are generally very careful and courteous whether they are in the rain in Tennessee & Georgia, the wind in Florida & South Carolina, the congestion in Indianapolis, or a perfect day in Ohio!     

For you younger or inexperienced riders, please take note of the following few Safety Tips provided courtesy of Huggins Dreckman Insurance & Safeco Insurance Company (a leading writer of motorcycle insurance).  You can also find more Safety information at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation ( or at the American Motorcyclist Association (    

  • Wear property safety gear and a helmet
  • Make it easier for drivers in cars to see you.  Wear reflective clothing or patches, and always use your turn signals.  And, keep your headlight on
  • Stay alert:  Presume motorists don’t see you, especially when entering intersections or passing or white-lining in between cars.
  • Don’t tail gate.

 Riding at night:

  • Consider wearing a reflective vest (remember, they can’t see you)
  • Use Eye protection
  • Carry Emergency gear, including a flashlight

 Bad Weather?

  • Keep rain and cold-weather gear handy. 
  • Use extreme  caution when the roads begin to get wet, as they are the most slick at that point.


Enjoy your ride, and be safe!  We want you to keep on riding!
Insuring Your Success!


Stan Dreckman
Huggins Dreckman Insurance



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