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The Warmth of Spring May Bring the Chill of Melting Snow & Ice & Heavy Rain: Are You Ready for the Floods?

The series of storms, that hit the Midwest and East, might be the floods waiting to happen. As it warms up, be prepared for flooding in the rivers & creeks.

This week is Flood Safety Awareness Week, during which time it is important to consider the potential damage that may occur to your homes or rental properties that may be exposed to floodwaters.

The National Weather Service notes that in the Spring, following these freezes, the melting snow & rain may prevent the grown from absorbing the runoff; that’s how you have floods.  Each Cubic Foot of compacted snow is the equivalent of gallons of water. And, with the water having nowhere else to go, it runs off and flows into the rivers and streams and overflows the banks – and creates flooding.

What also occurs, according to the NWS, is that the thaw and rising water may cause the ice to break into large chunks which can become jammed near bridges or other obstructions, resulting in severe flooding as well.

There are some great tools available to you, to help you to determine your exposures. The website has tons of information that you can use to determine the potential amount of damage to your home from flooding. One such link is the Flood risk Scenario Tool; try it and see if you may be at risk: (Click on the image below.)


Flood Insurance is a serious matter, and you want to protect your properties from damage. Call us for quotes, and we’ll turn them around to you quickly. Be aware: You may need to obtain a current elevation certificate in order to obtain a flood insurance quote. So, don’t delay! Let us know if you want to begin the process right away, so that you can be protected for flood damage to your properties.




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