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There is a New Individual Health Insurance Sheriff in Town

With all the drama associated with the exchanges, unless you are looking for some type of supplement from Big Brother for your individual health insurance, you can go outside of the exchange and easily get a great plan.

How? Assurant Health provides the answer!

With your agent, you can obtain quotes and decide on the Individual and/or Family plan (not group) that you want: from the low-end Bronze plans to the higher-end Gold and Platinum plans. 

Then, after your agent sets up the quote, he can call you and take the information over the phone or email you the link that you can use to enter in your information. You have that choice.     

The big consideration is when your policy will be put in force, so give yourself time to get the policy data in to the company or else you may miss your desired effective date. You’ll want to complete the application and get it to the company 20 days out (30 days preferably), and you should be good to go.   

So, what do you miss by not going through the exchanges? 

  • If you qualify for Big Brother’s benefits, you won’t get them with this plan.  While this plan conforms to the new policy rules, it is not offered on the exchange; nonetheless, it is quite competitive. 
  • You won’t have to wait 45-60 days for a response from the exchange.
  • You won’t have to wait for 45 minutes to 1 hour to get through the process (if you are lucky enough to get through the process that quickly); so, you will miss all that aggravation.
  • And, you won’t have to re-apply when you are advised that your payment came too late, regardless of whether or not you received the bill in time to make the payment deadline. 

There are many great plans that are easy to work and which are available to you: Health Net, CIGNA and others as well as Assurant. So, while Assurant is making huge waves in its recent entry into this marketplace, with its competitive rates and ease of applying for coverage. Check it out – you can call us, as well!

Thank you for this opportunity to be of service to you.



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