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New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 (from your resolute Insurance broker!)

How about some easy resolutions to keep – or at least consider (and, what is easier than considering something?)!  For the New Year, please then consider these resolutions, which can only provide you additional security (something we all want):


  • Purchase Earthquake Insurance; after Fires or large liability claims, it is potentially the most catastrophic claim that may occur and which can wipe your finances out.
  • Purchase Earthquake deductible buy-back insurance, where it makes sense, to reduce the impact of the larger Earthquake deductibles.
  • If you live in a part of the country that is subject do damaging tornadoes, please – if it is possible – get equipment which you can install in your home to keep you as safe as possible. Or since you generally have some warning of the approaching event, ask a friend or a relative that has a basement – that you can get to quickly – if you can use it. Search for tornado safety or tornado protection tips online for great ideas to protect yourself and for great suggestions to enhance your personal safety.  
  • Purchase Jewelry Schedules for Gold & other precious metals.   You don’t want to have to face your loved one with the news that there is no coverage for the stone than fell off the ring & into the drain and is now on its way to Japan (in the deep ocean currents).
  • Purchase an Umbrella policy for larger limits of defense and liability protection.  You may cause a multi-car accident with major injuries – it can happen in a blink of an eye or with a click of the change of a radio station – or while your children text as they drive the local roads.  Protect yourself and your savings – and your financial future.
  • Review your existing personal or business policies.  Ask us for a coverage checklist and/or call for an appointment to review your insurance programs. If we don’t maintain some of your policies but for any reason are hesitant to contact that other agent, we’ll help you with that, too.  
  • On a personal level and a request to all of our car insurance clients:  If you don’t have it now, add Rental Car Reimbursement protection to your car insurance policy.  Understandably, many people want to save on the cost of their car insurance and, thus, will cut corners where they perceive they can.  However, the savings a person experiences by not adding this coverage will pale in comparison to the inconvenience a person will experience when he needs a rental car after an accident.  It’s simply not worth the $3-$4 a month savings.  Get the coverage and bask in the freedom of walking up to the rental car counter knowing that, while your car is being repaired, you have a rental car to drive to work AND which is being funded by your insurance company!   


And, have a very good 2014!



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