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Fire Safety - Christmas Lights


Hi - 

Just a quick note to let you all know that as more and more Christmas and Holiday lights are displayed inside homes and apartments, it is important to exercise some responsibility in the use of these festive lights. 

Our main concern is Fire.
 December is cold, but it is also often dry - particularly in Southern California. A few years ago, a Wells Fargo Bank branch in Orange, California, sustained a total fire loss a week or two before Christmas. The cause of the fire? Christmas lights left on over-night ignited some nearby paper and the result was that the entire branch was obliterated in the total-loss fire. 

Don't let a fire silence your Christmas nights. 
 Please be responsible and turn the lights off at the end of the evening, before you retire to bed. If you work in a business that displays lights at work, then please be sure to  initiate a procedure to ensure someone remembers to turn off the lights in the evening before everyone goes home. 

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