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Distracted Driving is Both Costly and Dangerous, Especially on Halloween

Today, our California Insurance Commissioner issued a news release regarding distracted driving and Halloween – and for once, he’s right on!  So, I am re-releasing to you, our friends and clients here in California and across the country, the meat of his news release.  It’s a terrific reminder that every day and everywhere in the U.S., but especially tomorrow, it’s important to reduce distractions while driving.  Please pay special attention and don’t text, which is a huge distraction while driving.

 From the California insurance commissioner’s office:

Distracted driving is both costly and dangerous, especially on Halloween
California leads the nation in pedestrian auto fatalities

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – As the days get shorter and darkness bookends the morning and evening commutes, the Insurance Commissioner reminds drivers to exercise caution and keep their eyes on the road to avoid accidents.

California leads the nation in pedestrian fatalities with 599 in 2010 (most current stats available). Last week three pedestrians were killed in one 12-hour period in Sacramento.

Roughly 70 percent of vehicle accidents involving pedestrians occur at night. In California [and other states] the number of pedestrian deaths increases dramatically on Halloween.  Motorists must use extra caution while driving on the busiest night of the year for pedestrian traffic.

For trick-or-treaters and drivers, taking the following preventive measures can reduce the chances of injury or having to file an insurance claim:

  • Since children often trick-or-treat after dark, drivers need to use [extreme] caution in residential areas, and watch for people darting from between parked cars and across the street.
  • If you are on a bicycle, wear light or reflective clothing, and add lights and reflectors on your bike.
  • Avoid walking in the street. Use sidewalks where possible, use extra caution when crossing the street, and always use marked crosswalks.
  • If you are using a portable music device or mobile phone, do not block your hearing by wearing earphones in both ears; leave one side without an ear piece, so you can hear approaching traffic, warnings and emergency vehicles.
  • Plan your route ahead, stay on well-lit streets and avoid high-traffic areas, such as busy streets and shortcuts through alleys or yards.


And, from your staff at Huggins/Dreckman Insurance and DRIVE RIGHT Insurance Services, please do one thing for us:  Don’t Text While Driving!!  People are on the road early, leaving work to get home before dark, and there will be kids, congestion, and a goblin or two out there; watch for them and be extra careful!


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