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You Can Still Get Health Coverage That Works!

It has been noted that Obamacare is causing grief with employers and employees alike.  We believe that medical insurance is being “dumbed-down” to coverage levels below those which people are used to receiving.  And, the pain will follow.

The ACA is a program designed to fail. 

Don’t get me wrong:  I have family members who will be receiving benefits from what the Affordable Care Act will provide. So, I see both sides.  But, what I also see is that the act is NOT going to be affordable in the true sense of that word.  

  • Not everyone is going to get health care until they need it.  The idea that more people paying into the system will hold down premiums and make it work out all fine & dandy is political rhetoric at its sickest, if I may use that term.  
  • The plan itself will be a penalty to an employer who can’t afford it, and it will be a penalty to the employee who has his or her hours reduced so that the business can avoid paying for the insurance.
  • And, the public will subsidize the premiums – either directly or indirectly – for those individuals and families who don’t have plans but want them.  
  • The numbers of those who will be subsidized will increase as employers reduce hours and hire part time workers.  It’s inevitable in many manufacturing and service industries, generally employing those who are least able to afford part-time work.

The ACA was designed to create this result.  It’s simply the truth, and all sides of the political spectrum that defend this plan know it.      

Some of you will keep your plans for a while. For those plans which are not “grandfathered”, something just short of an arbitrary determination, some families will experience rate increases in excess of 100%.  And, this is not rhetoric; this is a fact. I’ve seen the numbers from one company, and I am not naive enough to think this isn’t going to happen in other companies’ programs. 

Thus, people will either be forced to pay these higher premiums, or they’ll move to other plans which may be less desirable than what they are used to having, with still higher co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses.

Yes:  The State’s gutting of private medical insurance is quite deliberate!  Don’t for a minute think it’s not.  Again, this act is designed to fail, as few will be happy with the outcome.  But, that’s a discussion to continue for another day.   

Even so, there is still some good news – some silver lining for a while at least.  For now, we can still get quality health care in California and the rest of America even if our plans are being changed to include higher co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses.

One way is to purchase insurance outside of the exchanges, where possible.  One way employers can do this is through the California Choice program, a locally grown private group health exchange where employees can choose from several insurers and scores of plans.  And, these plans – offering a complete range of plan options – are fully ACA compliant.  

In addition to California Choice, there are Medical Supplement Plans that are available to groups (small & large) and through associations; and I suspect that at some point in the near future, they’ll be available in the private marketplace, if they are not already.   

AFLAC, Colonial Life, and other private insurance programs offer supplements that will off-set the out of pocket maximums and co-pays that are increasing with the new plans in and out of the exchanges; they do this by paying lump sums for accidents, illness, cancer, or other specified events. These plans are affordable, and some can be voluntary (employee paid).  This way, employees purchase only what they want and not what the plan managers dictate.  Everyone wins!

So, take heart:  You can beat “the man” at this game with a bit of diligence.   And, our agency can help.  If you wish, just give us a call or email me.  We’re here for you.  

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