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Earthquake Preparedness Drill October 17th

It’s The Great California Shake Out on October 17th.  On this day, allegedly millions of Californian’s are to practice Earthquake Preparedness techniques and drills.

While that number seems more than a bit optimistic to me, still, the point is well taken:  We Californian’s live in a wonderful area – unique in most ways, and one of the subtleties of living here is the knowledge that at any time, this dream could all fall down around us.  

So, take it seriously when you are asked to look at your home and make a mental inventory of what you have. 

  • Do you have enough water for up to 3 weeks? 
  • Do you have a shovel (I won’t go into details on this one – it speaks for itself) or some other instrument that can dig a 3X3 hole?
  • Do you have emergency food supplies?
  • Do you have collars and leashes around for your dog & cat (yes – your cat, if you don’t want to lose it)?
  • Do you have food and water for them – the dog & cat?

Those are the extreme basics.  One important item not well thought out is that you should always have at least 1/3 to 1/2 of a tank of gas, to get you where you need to go.

On a personal property note, the CA insurance commissioner, in his news release today, also reminded everyone that not all quakes are large.  The smaller ones (5 & under) also cause property damage such as overturning breakable  items and cause a fair amount of distress.

As he noted, for “about $100 you can secure fragile items, electronics and large furniture or appliances using straps, angle brackets or earthquake putty available at home improvement or hardware stores. Taking a few minutes today to secure items around your home can help protect your loved ones as well as belongings during future earthquakes”.  Here are two suggestions made, in the news release, that protection property with the minimum of effort:

  • Adding an earthquake strap to a flat screen TV helps prevent injuries from the appliance falling on small children and has the added benefit serving as a theft deterrent.
  • A child safety latch on glassware cabinets can hold a door shut and prevent broken glass from covering a kitchen floor, and earthquake putty will hold fragile items and event lamps in place during a temblor.

California experiences smaller quakes every day, many of which we don’t feel or that are small enough to not think twice about.  Protecting yourself from small, medium and large quakes by taking just the minimum of effort will pay dividends to you in saved property and secured lives.

For first-rate, free Earthquake preparedness material, go to the Red Cross or Salvation Army websites and review their checklists; we also have them.  Contact any of us for your preparedness checklists.


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