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Flooding Affects Western US States

This past Spring and Summer, we were advising friends and clients about the need for Flood Insurance. 

And, this past week or so, the State of Colorado has found itself in severe danger regarding flooding.  Their rains were called “Biblical” in their force and in the amount of water falling down upon the land and which created record-setting flooding in the area.

We all say it’s climate this and climate that, but call it what you will, each year certain areas of the country are hit with record flooding, creating a huge amount of property damage, erosion and ground movement, and tremendous loss of life.

And, this is not limited to Colorado. Colorado’s flooding is not the subject of endless & nauseating newscasts, yet the turmoil caused by truly inconceivable levels of rain is something really hasn’t done more than become a nightly comment from the major news outlets.

And, not as well publicized are the areas in New Mexico from Las Cruces in the southeastern part of the state to the middle of the state and on up into Nevada, in the Las Vegas areas, where many of the bridges had to close due to severely high and turbulent water levels.

As a Las Cruces county spokesman Jess Williams put it, “It’s yet another wake-up call,” Williams said, referring to the many earthen dams throughout the county. “They [the dams] were never meant to protect [these] residential areas”.

That is quite a statement, and worth of repeating:  “They [the dams] were never meant to protect [these] residential areas”.

And yet, we all sit and ignore the prospect of losing our properties – your own home or rental properties you own – due to unforeseen flood damages. We think it won’t happen to us – that our property is in an “x” zone, which is not a zone that requires flood insurance – or  that the dams will hold back the flooding.

Let us or your own agent help you:   Get Flood insurance if you live in an area that can be affected by sudden, heavy rain run-off waters.  At the very least, get a quote and know the costs so that you can make an educated evaluation of the subject.   For you “do-it-yourselfers”, go to and get an estimate of the cost of Flood insurance on your property.  It’s not as expensive as you may think, and you’ll be making another astute step in preserving the financial stakes in your property empire!


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