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Pet Disaster Preparedness

Hi: My Dad wants me to engage you with insights on how to keep your pets in good shape following a disaster:  Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, etc.  He’s written about this before, and recently he prepared and sent a blog on the subject.

 First, let me say – as one who is keenly interested in being taken care of, in the event of a disaster – that I can’t over emphasize the need for pre-planning (even if it’s only a casual plan for what to do). Pet-Moms & pet-Dads have to be ready to help me and my fellow dogs & cats (I love to chase cats). We’ve all seen pictures of adult humans looking dazed after the shock of a disaster finds them surrounded by ruins.  Then, you see the kids turning to Moms & Dads for direction and strength; and the kids can at least talk & get noticed at some point. Rescuers look for them. 

What about us – the pets?  We look to you, too, for strength & guidance – and to survive. So, please be sure to be prepared to take care of us.  Only you can do this; no one else will (no one else wants to).  We’re totally alone & at risk of being hurt by debris, by fires following disasters, by neglect & starvation, and possibly by human and non-human predators.

We are completely at your mercy; please think of your pets and prepare, if only by securing additional supplies of food & water for us.  For our added security, have an extra leash or two at exit points & be sure to put your cell phone number on a collar tag – a stylishly colored one, of course.  

You can also request a “how to” list for preparation for whatever disaster (Fire, Hurricanes, Floods, etc.) that can help; just email me & Dad at and request all of, or your choice of, the following tips that can help save your pet’s life:

  •    Advanced Hurricane Planning
  •   Don’t Let Your Pet Perish in a House Fire
  •   10 Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays


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