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Prepare For Floods Now! Safeco and Other Insurers Do Not Cover Flood Damage.


Just a quick note to remind you that often, the worst part of a storm or hurricane is the flooding that follows.  If you do not have a specific Flood Insurance policy on your property, then you most likely do not have Flood Insurance at all. 

You can't wait for the announcement of the next storm and then try to get coverage.  The Flood insurance people are pretty smart; they know most customers won't buy Flood Insurance unless the lender requires it or unless a storm is bearing down upon them.  So, unless your lender is requiring Flood Insurance, once you secure a policy you still have a 30-day waiting period before the policy will pay for any claims for flood damage.

So as to make this perfectly clear, the folks in the Northeast who took the brunt of superstorm Sandy this past year were  unable to do anything about obtaining a Flood Insurance policy in time for the event - even when the storm was over a week away and the trajectory wasn't certain.   

Even if they had called their insurance brokers at the first signs of a possibility of a storm occurring and even if they had completed the applications well in advance of the storm, including signing on the dotted lines and handing over checks for the premium, and even if the applications had been submitted to the Flood insurers, there is a 30-day waiting period before the Flood Insurance goes into effect. You sign on August 1st and submit the money and the application the same day:  The coverage isn't in effect until August 31st at the earliest. 

Summer storm season is upon us now.  If you are concerned about flooding, particularly if you own a home or rental property in the Midwest and parts east of that (Northeast, Southeast), you need to act now!

Call us at 562-594-6541 or 800-400-3224, extensions 19, 17, 16, or 15 if you wish to get a quote and a policy.  Flood Insurance is not terribly expensive, and it is well worth the investment in most cases.  

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