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Orange County Cyber Theft


It happened again:  A Cyber Theft from an Orange County company, in this case an escrow company.

It is a most interesting article, here in our local paper, The Orange County Register, regarding Cyber Theft.  So many of our clients don’t believe us – that Cyber theft is already huge and it’s still on the rise.  And, this hits home – right in our back yard.

More than $1.1 million is still not recovered and is still absent from the bank account of this firm, following theft by cyber thieves who reportedly hacked into their computer, forwarding the funds to China and Moscow.

As much of this was funds from John Q Public over a period of 6 months, , State authorities closed down the escrow company.  Funds from over 100 people were taken and deposited in banks in Russia and the Far East.

Essentially, this business is done.  They may come back, but the losses are tremendous.  And, just think – this could have been you.  Your business likely holds account information of others (credit information, deposits on account, etc.), and all of this could be gone in a matter of moments.

You can protect yourself with Cyber Insurance.  Cyber insurance can cover your losses, your third-party losses, and your reputation.  Call us today at 562-594-6541 for a quote.


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