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Is Earthquake & Flood Insurance Essential in California?


If Japan’s Series of Earthquakes and the Resulting Wind and Flood Damages Won’t Convince You that Earthquake & Flood Insurance Are Essential, You May Not Be Paying Attention


These events bother me – do they bother you?  We provide a lot of Earthquake protection for our California, Oregon, & Washington clients, but not nearly enough.  Way too many clients can’t come to grips with the premium and/or the deductible. Still, what are you going to do when the big one hits?  For our clients in the great Pacific Northwest, James Ruddy (Earth Sciences Info Officer for Oregon Dept of Geology) states that the same kind of earthquake damage awaits the Northwest and that it may be worse than Japan.

 I find that bothersome, and I worry about our clients all along the West Coast.  From San Diego, California to the Puget Sound in Washington, clients are exposed to huge financial losses; if the big one hits, many clients will look as though their pants just slid down around our their ankles.

 We worry about you all – those of you who are not insured for what could be a financial disaster from which you may not recover.  If you own property in CA, OR, or WA, you need Earthquake insurance, and depending upon where you live (along the coast, next to a dam, low lying inland areas), you need flood insurance.  Call us at 562-594-6541 / 800-400-3224, ext 16 (Theresa), 17 (Ronda) or 19 (Sharon).

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