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How to Save Money on Car Insurance AND Help Sheltered Pets!

Every time we see the SPCA commercials on TV, with the helpless dogs’ and cats’ faces looking so forlorn – their faith in humans totally crushed, we just feel powerless to do anything but flip the channel to something less depressing.  

But then, we  met some folks from the Seal Beach Animal Care Center, and later other organizations.  They help save the lives of as many of our furry little angels as possible.  And, we decided that we wanted to do something, too.

But what? We are just an insurance organization – granted, a good one – but we don’t really know what to do to help animals.  And, we can’t bring them all home.  At some point, Ruby would object. 

We bet that’s the same for you or someone you know.  So, we decided to do something that will help provide food and shelter for the animals at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center.  And, with your help, we can all help our friends at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center live better lives.

We mentioned this in our last blog:  that you can do something special, too.  And you can reap rewards and receive the personal gift of satisfaction of having made a difference for a pet who is completely innocent and totally dependent upon others.    

Effective immediately, here is how you can help.  You can get yourself a quote for Mercury car insurance direct from the website.  At least two things will happen:  Whether or not you purchase a policy, we’ll donate $3 for each completed quote (you must be at least 18 years old).  

If you decide you’d like to see how much more you can save, we’ll discuss the quotes and the additional discount options that will assist you in saving money.  If you buy a car insurance policy – or car/home package, we’ll give an additional $15 for each policy sold as long as the car insurance was initiated through the website.  

That’s it.  You can do something special.  And, this also helps us to continue to do special things, such as funding additional donations to the center (for the Gala and for the Wag N Walk).

So, let’s all do something special!  Go to the center’s website at and get a quote. Dogs and cats will benefit, and most of you all will learn that you can save money and upgrade your protection.  That is a huge win for everyone, including the furry little angels waiting for someone to take them home, or to just give them some love.


Jeannie, Ruby, & Stan

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