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Announcing New Car Insurance Program that Benefits Pets!

Ruby and I are announcing our new program to help support one of our favorite organizations, the Seal Beach Animal Care Center in southern California!

This program is called Car Insurance 4 Animals.  And, there are lots of fabulous prizes: 

  •  Kibble
  • Cat food
  • Water
  • Bowls
  •  Blankets
  • Cat litter & Litter Boxes
  • Dog Leashes
  • Squeaky dog toys
  • Cat Carriers, cat trees, & cat scratching posts

Yes, the Pets win!!  And you do, too.  How do you win? 

·        You feel great about your donation, which has made one little animal that much safer

·        You may just save loads of cash off the cost of your car insurance

·        You may want to use your savings toward adopting your new BFF.    

 How does this all work?  First and formost, it requires that you do something special:  Something that won’t cost you anything other than time, and you might just reap huge rewards from it! 

 That is coming up in our next blog, next week! 

 Insuring the Pets’ Success!


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