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Is Your Valentines Gift Covered?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day Last week. I am not one for sweets but Ruby enjoyed a little heart shaped doggie treat. I am writing today to bring up a topic that can be overlooked by many of my customers. That nice piece of jewelry your loved one got you for Valentines Day might not be covered on your homeowner's Insurance!

Certain property is limited in each & every homeowner’s insurance policy sold in America. Insurance brokers have written and spoken tons about this subject; yet often the advice is ignored.  Many people recently purchased Valentine and Holiday jewelry, or special, one-of-a-kind valuable items  . . . like an awesome set of golf clubs! 

 In insurance policies, there are certain types of property that are not fully insured – often limited to only $1,500 reimbursement – unless you itemize them and, yes, pay an additional premium for the special protection.  Still, there will be no deductibles applied to these items if they are stolen or damaged – for anything that will happen to them save wear & tear or fraud.  s

These types of properties include Jewelry & Furs, Bullion, Gold, Silver, Pewter), Money (incl. coin collections), Stamp collections, Guns, Securities, and in some cases, Computers, Tools, Oriental Rugs, and Business Property (your employer’s or your own).

 It is important to ask your agent about what you have covered.  No agent wants to tell you that there is no coverage for a jewelry theft, so be sure to discuss this and other personal insurance issues with your agent regularly.   


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