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What's in a Number - What does it Mean for Your Insurance?

Numbers are great.  They are what make business and effectively everything we do meaningful.  It’s how we measure things . . .

  • from the latest sporting event,
  • to how we measure our achievement (school, business, services),
  • to how much we pay for something,
  • to the rent we collect on our rental properties and apartments & other commercial real estate. 

 We use numbers to determine our level of fitness in all aspects of our lives. Even “Occupy” needs numbers, and they are allegedly anti-measurement for all aspects of society in general.

 But, numbers can be deceiving in their benign state.  For example, take an 8-ounce filet; just about wherever you get it, it will be a nice piece of meat.  However, the way it is prepared and the level of care (fresh vs. defrosted) will completely determine your experience and your ultimate worth of that experience.

 But, one’s sense of a product’s or an experience’s worth can also be misled by numbers.  And, nothing is a more clear example of that than the cost of insurance – particularly when someone calls an agent or goes online and asks “how much”. Anyone call offer you a lower premium on any given quote – that’s a no-brainer.   When you call and ask “how much” from 3 different agents, you’ll get 3 very different quotes. 

 And, that will even occur if the 3 quotes are with the same insurance company. Why?  Because you really don’t know how to set the parameters of what is important to you; most likely, your primary intent is to lower your costs and thus to maximize your cash flow.  You may have gone as far as to read some words on your existing policy and ask for those to be duplicated; still, what if that isn’t the correct way to protect your assets?

 Mimicking what you have is not always the best way to go, as you may not know what it is that is important in a policy or what is excluded that might be of extreme value. You simply called for a number.

 You know that the lowest quote will most likely not get you the best coverage.  It will probably give you a false piece of mind in your latest cash flow projection and in your checking account; but if a serious or unusual claim occurs, you’ll likely suffer the very severe consequences of poor insurance protection – leaving you under insured, or not insured at all, for a devastating event. The value of your cash flow projection and checking account will have just flown out the window when you hear “not covered”, or worse, “if you had only purchased . . . .”. 

 So, what do you do?  How should you approach the experience of obtaining the best protection that you can, so that you are certain you can have incredibly fine protection – or at least had the opportunity to accept it or reject it?  When you are looking for quotes for your car, home, income properties, or for your business, you need to work with a professional who will provide you with the correct coverage, one who will take the time to review your needs.  And, one who is a specialist for what you need.

 Huggins Dreckman Insurance specializes in property protection, particularly for homes, rental properties, and income properties such as apartments and other commercial real estate.  We particularly have the correct markets for maximizing whatever credits you can get by packaging your insurance.  It’s really the most cost effective and convenient way to do it.

 Most insurance policies are just ok, and you’ll find great rates all over.  If you want your insurance agents to be focused on you, then click on and request a review of your current policies, and let us propose alternative suggestions for your protection.  Apartment owners can also click on and request a review!  


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