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Are You FINANCIALLY Prepared for the Big One?

 I don't know if Southern California is "overdue" for a huge Earthquake; earthquakes tend to come when they come.  Because we can't see it coming and prepare, and because of the vast destruction than can ensue, I just hope the big one never happens.  What worries me is that many people are much too complacent about it. 

And, it is easy to be that way.  Still, take a look at Sandy:  Not a strong storm (it landed under Hurricane strength); however, it caused incredible damage to vast areas of the Northeast due to most unusual circumstances and additional weather events.  And, similar to our Earthquakes, not all of the damage was felt equally, with the center of the storm causing the most damage but severe damage occurring tens of miles away. 

That outcome is similar to the past large Earthquakes that have occurred in CA and other parts of the West Coast.   Damage is staggering at epicenters, but a tremendous amount of damage occurs miles and miles away as the plates are really spread out with seemingly illogical shapes (like our gerrymandered political districts).  And, it's not always the initial event that causes huge amounts of damage; Fire is a huge component along with falling objects, as people in San Francisco's Marina District and the people of New York and New Jersey discovered. 

Now, I'm not going bore you with another list of stuff you need in the event of an emergency: power substitutes, water, food, temporary shelter (tents, etc).  You all know this.

 But, what did you see after Sandy struck  back East beside a lot of suffering?  Lots of people are without the means to replace their homes, and many homeowners and business owners didn't have Flood insurance. They weren't worried about it; FEMA was supposed to take care of them. 

Those that had Flood insurance are being taken care of; those waiting for FEMA, well, they are now experiencing a bit of New Orleans' and Gulf Port's pain.  And, FEMA is essential broke when they factor in estimates of uninsured damage. 

If we have a huge quake, FEMA will not be able to handle it.   So, it's best to plan on taking care of yourself with the help of a huge financial risk manager:  the Earthquake Insurance industry. 

One of the biggest turn-offs for our clients is the deductible for Earthquake, which can be substantial.  However, there is a way to minimize it:  Buy back a portion of the deductible.  That is what I decided to do, and for about $50 a month (in my case), I have reduced my deductible down from an enormous cost to one that can be handled. 

You can do that, too. For less than you may think, you can get adequate limits of Earthquake Insurance AND lower the deductible, both of which enable you to reduce your financial risks. 

 The time has come; it's time to handle your Earthquake exposures and deductibles.   At  Huggins Dreckman and DRIVE RIGHT Insurance, we can guide you through this coverage maze and provide you with the protection you need at an affordable cost.  Call us for a quote:  562-594-6541 (extension 19 for Sharon, 17 for Ronda) or email us at and request a quote!

And, if you wish, we'll send you a preparedness report if you don't have one already.


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