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Protect Your Family

Attention Procrastinators:

“Protect Your Family Right Now with a $100,000 -250,000 Term Policy”

It’s not a ton of dough, but it’ll go a lot further for your family than a big fat goose egg after your dead!

 In all my years in this business, life insurance is the one product that drives people nuts (especially guys): If they don’t have it, they squirm when the subject comes up, and it gnaws at them while they sleep. 

 It especially gets to bread-winners around the Holidays:

How much do I need?”   “When am I going to finally do it?”  “What kind do I buy?” 

“I don’t want to go through all that medical stuff…what if they find ‘something’?”

“Pass the TV remote, I can’t think about this right now.”  “I’ll do it after the 1st of the Year – have to handle Christmas first”

 On the other hand, when that policy is finally issued, the same person who was squirming suddenly feels relieved – that he or she has done “the right thing”.  Over-thinking the particulars of life insurance fuels our natural, all-too-human inclination to put off this important buying decision.

 Yes:  Do your research. Look at Whole or Universal life, Term Life, etc. (I can help). But while you’re becoming an expert, please don’t miss the forest for the trees:

 Your family needs the extra financial cushion to weather the financial crisis that follows the death of a breadwinner that life insurance provides.  Especially at Christmas time and the Holidays.  It’s that simple

You can apply for $100,000 - $250,000 or more of 20-year level term protection now. We make it painless.  For most people, this will fit into the family budget.  For most families, while this isn’t enough protection, it’s better than nothing.

 And, it’s a good start. Underwriting and issuing this amount of life insurance is ‘painless.’

 I haven’t read yet about the widow who gave her life insurance check back to the insurance company, saying: “No thanks, my family doesn’t need this.  Give it to someone else more deserving.”

 Life insurance can’t be taken away once you’ve got it. BUT, you may not be able to afford it or get any protection if you become ill before you apply (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.).

 The world’s looming financial crisis affects the life insurance industry too.  Rates and fees are rising and will do so faster if the dollar becomes less valuable.  That’s what the financial markets’ impact may prove to be if you wait for later in 2013 before you buy it our update your life insurance policies.    

 You can avoid this impact by  locking in your costs now with one of several top-rated companies in a permanent policy format, or you can work to restrain rate increases by getting your policies now and not waiting for the possible collapse of the financial markets..

Our agency is here to advise and sell you all the insurance products to protect your family—not just home and car insurance.  Life insurance is a critical piece to your family’s security. Call us today, and let our life insurance expert assist you now!


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