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Do Your Pets – and Your Clients’ Pets – Talk to You?

   My dog, Ruby – an unbelievably intelligent Wheaten Terrier – does.   She talks to me all the time.  She is very wise:  One of her favorite sayings is,


Why be a Dog if you can’t chase Ducks?


Pets talking to us?   While that may sound a bit strange, if you

think about it, your pets do talk to you – all the time.  They teach

us to understand

1.    what they want,

2.    how they want it, and

3.    precisely when they want it – and where & how it is to be delivered (Ruby insists on sitting in the patio while her dinner is being prepared). 


And, sometimes, they just call you over to hang out and enjoy the cool evening air, letting you know there is no one in the entire world who is more important than you.

Pets really are Amazing


Ruby and I were talking, after reading in the Register about neglected dogs and cats, about how sad it is that so many pets are not taken care of by their families.  People buy them and then just seem to get tired of them after a while; I guess they simply lose interest in their pets.  The pets even, in some cases, are viewed as an inconvenience and eventually abandoned.


Ruby and I believe, however, that the bond with a pet is something that cannot be taken lightly.  We believe that it is an emotional commitment and that there are very few commitments a person can make that will reap such huge rewards – far beyond what a person may imagine.    

          Dogs & Cats – I think they help us feel safe and sane in a world gone totally sideways.

                 But, I didn’t write this to talk about my love of animals.  

          Rather, I am writing because Ruby and I believe that commitments are made to be kept and not tossed away when it is no longer convenient or interest wanes. 


This includes the protection & promises that are made to you by your business’s insurance companies and their agents.


While you are courted by a new agent, your primary mission is to be protected as well as you can.  You are also looking to save some money along the way, if it makes sense.  And, you are showered with promises and commitments of all kinds:  The best prices, the lowest cost this & that, and promises to provide you with the



best service ever – and that you’ll always be  #1 in their hearts and minds! Does this sound familiar? 


Does your Insurance Agent still talk to You?


And, are you still getting that “there is no one more important than me” feeling from your business insurance broker?  You may be, but most people are not receiving that level of service and commitment.  If you are completely satisfied with your insurance, and certain that you have the best programs, then you may wish to quit reading now. 


This brief is directed to those pet professionals who are not really sure that they have been introduced to the most effective pet-business insurance and protection programs available – and who are not really sure they are all that important anymore to their insurance company and agent.


And, why aren’t you sure?  It may be because most insurance agents don’t speak with their clients; rather, they speak to them and make their decisions for them, rather than with them.  And, Ruby suggests that many pet professionals may be feeling like they, too, are being treated as an inconvenience – that their questions are not greeted as enthusiastically as before and that the agent has lost interest.    


Do you know if you are insured against events that can cripple your pet-business,   you know, the kind of occurrences that keep you up at night, thinking about them?


Ø What is it that your agent doesn’t know about your business – the events that can cause you severe if not irreparable harm?

Ø Do you know what insurance is right for your business? 

Ø Are you aware of the cutting-edge plans for insurance in the pet business, designed to protect you against a heretofore uninsurable event?  

Ø Is there coverage out there that you don’t even know exists, but if it does can make you feel confident that your business won’t be severely impacted should such an event occur – and wouldn’t you like to know about it?  It exists.  

Ø Do you know where to look for the best combination of                  of protection and pricing


Is your policy just one “off the shelf” from the local agent –                                 your best friend at renewal time? 


Like your pet relationship, your business relationship needs to be committed and all efforts need to be maintained to keep the relationship from waning.  There has to be a continuous level of communication and understanding in order for each person to feel secure and important in the relationship.  It’s been said that “if you want a life-long friend, buy a dog”.   But, that thought doesn’t necessarily transfer to your insurance. The relationship needs to be nurtured.



So, there you have it.  You know the value of insurance and of the insurance relationship – but are you getting that value from your current insurance company? 


Is your agent talking with you about . . .   

·       What kind of converge you want and what is available;

·       How you want it constructed – what types of protection suit your business;

·       The timeliness of responses to your coverage inquiries – getting the coverage you need before a claim occurs; and

·       Where policies are to be delivered and how billing sequences should be established.  

·       The latest insurance solutions to the growing risk to your business that simply comes with opening the door each morning.    


Ruby wants to remind you that after a claim occurs, it’s too late to restructure a policy. Let us get it done right, the first time.  Protect yourself, your business, and your family now with our agency’s professional analysis of your business insurance and construction of a business insurance protection system. 


So, call TODAY – not tomorrow, not next week, not next year –TODAY!  Call Stan Dreckman at 562-594-6541 (800-400-3224), extension 15.  If my voice mail takes the call, it’s likely because I’m speaking with a client about their company’s business insurance program. I’ll call you back, and we’ll talk about yours!


And, thank you for taking care of our most precious friends and companions – our pets.                                               


Best regards,



Stan Dreckman,

Huggins/Dreckman Ins. Agency, Inc.

CIC, Author, Speaker & Licensed Insurance Broker                                                               


PS:  You may qualify for a FREE Coverage review of your insurance plans. This offer – normally reserved just for our clients – is limited to the first 7 pet professionals who take us up on it, as this review is a very time consuming task.  So, call now


PSS:  If you wish, come hang with Ruby & me at the lake, where we intently observe and philosophize about ducks, dogs, & life!  We get up early, but I bet you do too.


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