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Wag N Walk This Weekend on September 29th!

This is just a reminder to join us at our booth at the Wag N Walk this September 29th.This year we are the official Lap Dog Sponsor. Ruby likes lap dogs; she loves to play with them even though she towers over them.

Register before it is too late for the  - Walk N Wag – to support the Seal Beach Animal Care Center efforts to help the helpless.

 CLICK HERE to register for the Wag N Walk Now.

We want to see you at this amazing event.  Lots of dogs & cats, and lots of fun, and there will be vendors all over the lawn next to the Seal Beach pier – so, there is plenty to do and see.    And, you might get a kiss from Ruby if you give her enough attention!

Hope to see you there.


Stan Dreckman and Ruby    

P.S. Can’t make it this year but still want to help?  The shelter always needs volunteers and donations.


 A Letter from Ruby

My Dad took me over to the duck lake – it’s where I go to watch ducks and get attention from other dogs and their moms & dads (My Dad thinks it’s just for my morning constitutional, but it gets me what I want and I’ll go with that)!


Driving over to the lake, yesterday morning and today, we saw the geese that are starting to move from the North to the South; they were flying about 200 feet above the Santa Ana river bed in north Orange County, close to where we live.


And,today was extra special:  We saw them flying, but not really fast; we caught up with them and paralleled them along the highway as far as we could for about a mile. 


What a view!  I saw them through my window, then the windshield as we moved along with them, through the sunroof as they crossed over us, and back again through my passenger seat window (I am a front seat dog) while I watched them land in another part of the riverbed.  Must have been at least 25 of them! 


I love running alongside the lake with the ducks as they take off and fly; watching them from the comfort of the front seat of Dad’s car, however, was pretty cool.  We went the distance with them and watched them land, and on these hot mornings and days, there is nothing like the front seat of an air conditioned car to make it just that much more special!  Much easier to keep up with them, too.


I’m a sprinter, not a long distance runner!     Woof!  






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