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Is It The Best of TImes or The Worst of Times? Either Way: You Must Protect Yourself Now More Than Ever

With the economy ststruggling, the stock market down, real estate values down, and unemployment up, almost everyone is looking for ways to save money.


But while some may think a personal umbrella policy – additional coverage to protect you from a mega lawsuit– isn't a necessity, the truth is that most clients need an umbrella policy just as much today as they did a year ago – or even more so.


The Personal Umbrella policy can help protect your financial future in a real-life way. A $1 million umbrella, in most cases,is less than $25 a month for a policy. That's money well-spent to protect what you have today and what you will have in the future. Today, people are more willing than ever to file lawsuits – even if your actual liability is non-existent or at best questionable.  In the foreseeable future, this will be the new lotto.  And, this is a game that costs very little for claimants’ to play, with lawyers increasingly willing to take these suits on contingencies.


To hammer home my point of why it is so important to have a Personal Umbrella policy I want to tell you a true story.Last year a colleague of mine was spending a long spring afternoon at the baseball park with his son. His son’s game had not started yet and many of the players siblings where playing next to the field near some extra practice equipment.


That is when my colleague hears a little girl scream with pain and fear! A large net used to catch baseballs during practice or pitchers warm-ups had fallen and landed on a 5 year old girl. She was rushed to the hospital. Her injuries included a broken leg and hip. She was put into a body cast. The little girl could no longer attend school because of her medical condition and her family had to hire out for homeschooling.


As the medical bills piled up and long term in home care bills kept coming in the family looked for financial relief and tried to sue the Athletic facility their daughter was injured at. Due to participation wavers and other legality’s the family could not collect from the Athletic facility.


That is when they turned to the child who had initially knocked down the piece of equipment that inhibited their daughter’s ability to ever run or play like a normal child again. The boy who knocked down the piece of equipment emitted it was an accident, but once all of the paper work was complete the boy’s family suffered major financial hardship. After the lawsuit the little boy’s family lost their home, savings, and will have their income garnished for the next 20 years to pay of the accident.


Now this is a freak accident,but freak accidents happen every day. Like a said at the beginning of this story. This is a true story which took place last year. In the end if the boy’s family would have had Personal Umbrella insurance both families could have been taken care of and neither would be in financial ruin.



Just like life insurance, an umbrella policy protects your family's future by shielding your assets; it will pay defense costs as well as judgments against you, and it is more vital than ever! Call us today to initiate your protection!


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