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Will Your Auto Insurance Stand Up to the Challenge of Covering Your Liability While Driving U-Haul Trucks?

Important Note to the Customers of Huggins Dreckman and DRIVE RIGHT Insurance:  Are you, or do you know anyone, considering renting a U-Haul or other  trucks to move the household to a new home?  Or to move the kids back from college?  Taking furniture to the second home?  Moving out of state?  Likely, when most people go to get the U-Haul vehicle and the dealer's reps promote the supplemental insurance, people  will say:   "No:  I have liability insurance".  Even after the reps attempt to explain the coverage issues, people will decline the coverage.    Isn't that what you and your friends do?  You might even rent a U-Haul truck for the newly-weds who are driving to Austin, Texas, to start their new lives.  They are driving 1500 miles and using  your insurance - and they are covered, right? You know where this is going, and the destination may not be what you want; but you can't make a brick wall become paper mache no matter how ...
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Bundling: Flo & the Gekko Don't Know Beans About It!

Bundling:  Flo & the Gekko Don't Know Beans About It!
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Truly, I hope you will live forever.  On the chance you may not, however, have you established your estate with life insurance?   Yes, your estate.  Generally speaking, if you are reading this blog, you have a job; you are making a living for you and perhaps your family.  And, if you have a family (not necessarily a nuclear family but siblings and parents or grandchildren), you need an estate. What is the purpose of the estate?  There are lots of legal purposes, but how about some general, non-legal reasons:  To take care of your survivors, if that is applicable; To help take care of your survivors – if they have gainful employment; or, If you have debts that will fall one family members in the event of a probate. How will you make this happen?  Will you save enough money to take care of them?  Some will, and most won’t.  Or, will you leave them without the means to continue without a significant and massive red ...
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Guest Blog: Why the Average Joe Makes Money in the Stock Market but gets Rich in Real Estate

This blog was originally published by Marshall Reddick Real Estate Network. Written by Scott Pastel VP of Marketing Mr. Pastel's focus is to make MRREN a household name and become the Merrill Lynch of real estate investing. He constantly looking to improve the communication between MRREN and their investors to ensure a quality investment experience. He believe effective marketing is a personal, intimate experience between businesses and customers to provide products and services that exceed expectations.    Why the Average Joe Makes Money in the Stock Market but gets Rich in Real Estate Many of us started out our investment career with a simple savings account, perhaps to save for a car, college or the down payment on a house. Congratulations to those of you who achieved that first goal through savings. The problem I had with my savings account was that the only time it seemed to grow was when I put money into it. The 1% interest I was receiving hardly made a difference at th ...
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Avoiding Frozen Pipes

This year, Cold Winter Weather blew in from the Arctic, promising another cold Winter for the Midwest – upper, lower, and parts in between! As we mentioned in a similar post a year or so ago, Water Damage from frozen pipes is a frequent source of winter claims for properties in colder climates.  Unfortunately, that was over ½ of the country this past week and weekend.  It’s Winter, and it will freeze again (hopefully not in such a way as last year’s Arctic Blast) We can guarantee you that most of frozen pipe bursts are easily preventable.  We can narrow these claims down to mostly Tenant Occupied homes, with tenants simply being unaware of what to do.  People living in Toledo and Green Bay may know what to do, but the people in the lower states and the South really don’t – and why should they?  They live in moderate climates more inclined to mimic a sweat shop than a freezer locker!   Why don’t they k ...
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Landlords: Yes – You Can Make Your Tenant’s Obtain Renter’s Insurance

We are often asked if a Landlord can make a tenant purchase Renter’s Insurance, and the short answer is:  Yes, you can. We are a California-based insurance agency and not attorneys, but we have seen articles by attorneys confirming this (most recently the October 2014 issue of the AOA – Apartment Owner’s Association - magazine).  On a practical level, we provide Evidence of Renter’s insurance forms to residential landlords all of the time.  And, given California is so protective of tenant’s rights, I suspect that if California Landlords can do this so can Landlords in other states (still, not a bad question to ask your local association or an attorney specializing in protecting Landlords). Generally speaking, you can do it in the three following ways:  You can . . . Require this as a part of the lease of premises, where you request that the evidence of renter’s property and liability insurance is to be provided prior to the move-in ...
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Homeowners Insurance Rates are Increasing in North Carolina: How Much?

In a news feature from our friends at the Insurance Journal (, we have learned that North Carolina’s insurance commissioner has embarked on a mission to decide whether to allow homeowners’ insurance rates to rise by as much as 35 percent, with some insurers requesting even higher rate increases if their customers consent to it.    Many policy holders have been outspoken in their criticisms of the insurance industry’s request for a rate increase; some have claimed that rates have doubled in the past 15 years.  Well, in the relatively short time that we have been licensed in North Carolina (coming soon upon our 9th year), rates that we have seen have been relatively flat with the exception of a meager state-wide 7% increase last year and increases in coastal wind insurance pools. Also at play in all of this:  For over 30% of the homeowners insurance written in North Carolina, the insurers currently request that policy holders voluntarily sign a c ...
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Another Earthquake Shake Out Today

At least, it’s not a shake down!  Today hosts another Shake Out program, where a few million Californians will duck & cover to practice Earthquake safety drills and bring awareness (like we need it) to Californians that while we live in Paradise, Mother Nature will tease us occasionally with quakes of all sizes.    It is important to know that, while Homeowners policies are perhaps the most broadly formed contract in all of insurance, there still are certain exclusions that apply to all policies, all over the country.  Included in those are  Earthquake Exclusions (now often called Earth Movement so as to create as broad an exclusion as possible) and Flood Exclusions, which we recently noted in our social media notices (like us on Facebook, and learn!).   And, not only are we in California subject to quakes, our friends in Oregon, Washington, and parts of Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and New Jersey (actually, the entire East Cost is subject to quakes) have been experienci ...
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How Do YOU Choose Your Insurance Company?

Honestly, when you are dialing-for-dollars in attempt to get the cheapest insurance policy on the planet, how do you decide on one policy from another when you have no idea what you are buying?  Do you decide on price only? Our experience with buyers of insurance runs from the cheapest they can find – and in complete disregard of the type of coverage they are purchasing – to the extensive researchers of rate and coverage who also depend upon the research and knowledge of their insurance agent and advocate.  And, this is pretty much as you might expect it to be. Still, a sad and increasing trend among personal car and home insurance buyers – and some business insurance buyers – is to get the cheapest thing they can find.  Why?  Because Erin Esurance and Flo (not of Flo & Eddie fame) have trained the masses that insurance isn’t a whole lot different from comic book cartoons or dessert trays & puppies.  These advertisements, and unnat ...
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Secure Your Home with Earthquake Loss Control Measures

And, it’s not just a “California thang” any longer! Following is an article that addresses measures you can take to secure your home in the event of moderate to severe earthquakes.  This is courtesy of our friends at IRMI (International Risk Management Institute). Earthquake insurance is a smart coverage option.  Still, we know most of you will not purchase it.  While that makes absolutely no sense, financially philosophically, if you aren’t going to buy the coverge, please at least focus on reducing your damages in the event of a quake.  Here are some risk control tips (authored by the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety) for you to consider, particularly if you don’t purchase earthquake insurance. For homes and commercial structures, the foundation, a common area of structural weakness, needs to be thoroughly examined for weaknesses. When concrete foundations are older they may become crumbly or porous; then, they lack the stren ...
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